Application's Fullscreener

What is it?

Application's Fullscreener is a set of small tools for Maemo4.x created to send an emulated fullscreen hardware key stroke to a GUI application by its name.

The main tool makes use of the Gtk+ cross-platform widget toolkit.


The easiet way of installing Application's Fullscreener is by clicking on upper's "Install" button or through its entry in Maemo Downloads.


Application's Fullscreener brings two main tools:


~ $ gtk_fullscreen_process skype

gtk_fullscreen_process example

From the command line, this example will send a fullscreen hardkey event to a running Skype instance.

~ $ g_launch_and_fullscreen skype

g_launch_and_fullscreen example

From the command line, this example will launch a new Skype instance and send a fullscreen hardkey event to it after some seconds.

In action:

Application's Fullscreener is used by Automatic Skype Launcher to actually launch and fullscreen Skype.

The code:

Application's Fullscreener is hosted in Maemo's Garage and its code is licensed as LGPL 2.1 and hosted in Gitorious. Fork and contribute at will!

Get support:

Please, feel free to send me an email to postmaster at for reporting any issues you might find.