2010-06-01 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 0.3 release master azimuth-0.3
2010-06-01 Guillaume Desmottesdon't start GPS when there is no working connection
2010-06-01 Guillaume Desmottesfactor out create_publisher
2010-06-01 Guillaume Desmottesadd 'has-connections-changed' signal
2010-06-01 Guillaume Desmottesadd position_publisher_has_connections
2010-06-01 Guillaume Desmottesclaim a D-Bus name so make Azimuth single instance
2010-05-21 Alban CrequyFix throttle on multiple connections
2010-05-20 Guillaume Desmottesfix typo
2010-05-20 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 0.2 release azimuth-0.2
2010-05-20 Guillaume DesmottesUse new icon from Anthony Carré (yeKcim)
2010-05-20 Guillaume Desmottesdebian/control: use new icon
2010-05-19 Guillaume DesmottesNEWS: document changes in 0.2
2010-05-18 Guillaume Desmottesactually implement location bluring
2010-05-18 Guillaume DesmottesMove GPS code to Azimuth
2010-05-03 Alban CrequyEnable GPS from Azimuth according to configuration
2010-05-03 Alban CrequyAdd blur and start-gps options in control panel
2010-05-03 Alban CrequyAdd 'blur' and 'start-gps' GConf keys in schema
2010-05-03 Alban CrequyAdd 2 properties to PositionPublisher: blur and start-gps
2010-05-03 Alban CrequyAdd GPS controller. Not enabled yet
2010-05-03 Alban Crequydisplay connection path when SetLocation succeeds
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesdebian/rules: use
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesset enabled key by default
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesset myself as maintainer
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesdocument control panel applet in the Description
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesadd Maemo display name and icon
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesdisplay connection path when SetLocation fails
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesmove desktop file to data/
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesadd gconf schemas
2010-05-02 Guillaume DesmottesI accidentely the Depends field
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesrephrase title and button
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesconnection-watcher: disconnect 'invalidated' signals...
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesmake use of the enabled gconf key
2010-05-02 Alban CrequyAdd an 'enabled' check button in the control panel...
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesadd azimuth-gconf
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesuse Azimuth object
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesadd azimuth.[ch]
2010-05-02 Guillaume Desmottesupdate gitignore
2010-04-29 Alban CrequyNew control panel applet for Azimuth
2010-04-25 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 0.1-2 packge
2010-04-25 Guillaume Desmottesdebian/control; make description more informative
2010-04-18 Laurent BigonvilleInitial commit for package azimuth-0.1
2010-03-30 Guillaume Desmottesadd a throttle when publishing
2010-03-30 Guillaume Desmottesremove -Wextra
2010-03-30 Guillaume Desmottesadd gitignore
2010-03-29 Guillaume DesmottesInitial import
2010-03-29 Guillaume Desmottesremove welcome file
2010-03-29 rootwelcome