2009-09-01 Thomas Thurmanfix warning master
2009-09-01 Thomas Thurmanswitch to 0.02
2009-08-31 Thomas Thurmansettings button text
2009-08-31 Thomas Thurmandays until practice night
2009-08-31 Thomas Thurmanadd sorting on number of bells
2009-08-31 Thomas Thurmansorting at last
2009-08-31 Thomas ThurmanMost of the sort keys
2009-08-31 Thomas Thurmanrudimentary start at honouring sort key
2009-08-31 Thomas Thurmanfifty miles, eighty kilometres
2009-08-31 Thomas Thurmanbasic settings system; currently does nothing
2009-08-31 Thomas Thurmanmake directions button work
2009-08-31 Thomas ThurmanMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-31 Thomas Thurmanpackage details link
2009-08-31 Thomas Thurmanforums
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmanscreenshot on front page
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmansome more goals
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmansome more goals
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmanfixes to debian/*
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmanmaemo-extras
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmanimage credit
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmansome web files
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmando away with the S<sup>t</sup> thing
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmanfix up credits page
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmanparse_dove simplified
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmansome comments
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmantodo done
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmansecond half of the few/many change
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmanfirst pass at many/few distinction
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmanfix memory leak
2009-08-30 Thomas ThurmanTODO
2009-08-30 Thomas ThurmanRecent towers list
2009-08-30 Thomas ThurmanSearching by bookmarks
2009-08-30 Thomas ThurmanBookmarks (adding, not searching)
2009-08-30 Thomas ThurmanLoad and save config
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmancredits dialogue
2009-08-30 Thomas Thurmanfixed gps to read directly from the struct
2009-08-28 Thomas Thurmanadd some 'not yet implemented' messages
2009-08-28 Thomas Thurmanfix 'nearby' button
2009-08-28 Thomas ThurmanOnly show distance if we know where we are
2009-08-28 Thomas Thurmanimplemented search
2009-08-28 Thomas Thurmansearch dialogue
2009-08-28 Thomas ThurmanShow distance in list
2009-08-28 Thomas Thurmanfix distance calculation
2009-08-28 Thomas Thurmanarea search now actually working
2009-08-28 Thomas Thurmanupdate comments
2009-08-28 Thomas Thurmanlocation search works, approximately
2009-08-28 Thomas Thurmanstart of proper filtering
2009-08-28 Thomas Thurmanbasic picker; basic lat/long (broken)
2009-08-28 www-datawelcome
2009-08-27 Thomas Thurmantwo-stage area search
2009-08-27 Thomas Thurmantouch selector
2009-08-27 Thomas Thurmanrm size request that breaks long lists
2009-08-27 Thomas Thurmanheader row
2009-08-27 Thomas Thurmandesktop
2009-08-27 Thomas Thurmanpicture
2009-08-27 Thomas Thurmandatabase
2009-08-27 Thomas Thurmanquit on window close
2009-08-27 Thomas Thurmaninitial