2010-10-14 Roman MoravcikUpdated Slovak translation.
2010-10-14 Roman MoravcikUpdated next bithday text.
2010-10-14 Roman MoravcikFill DST flag in birhday structs to fix calculation...
2010-10-14 Roman MoravcikFill DST flag in current and next birhday structs to...
2010-10-14 Roman MoravcikSet hour, minute and second in current date to 0.
2010-03-18 Roman MoravcikVersion bump (0.1-5) v0.1-5
2010-03-18 Roman MoravcikFixed bug in calculation of age caused by Y2K38 problem.
2010-03-16 Roman MoravcikVersion bump (0.1-4) v0.1-4
2010-03-16 Roman MoravcikUpdated Slovak translation.
2010-03-16 Roman MoravcikAdded "Search" menu item. Use date string formating...
2010-03-16 Roman MoravcikAdded Homepage, Vcs-Browser, Vcs-Git and XSBC-Bugtracke...
2010-03-16 Roman Moravcikimported version 0.1-3 v0.1-3
2010-03-16 Roman MoravcikAdded Transifex verification token file
2010-03-16 Roman Moravcikimported version 0.1-2 v0.1-2
2010-03-16 Roman Moravcikimported version 0.1-1 v0.1-1
2010-03-16 Roman Moravcikimported version 0.1-0 v0.1-0
2010-03-16 Roman Moravcikremoved welcome file
2010-03-16 rootwelcome