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last changeSat, 13 Mar 2010 17:19:26 +0000 (17:19 +0000)
2010-03-13 Valerio ValerioPackaging for version 0.2 master
2010-03-13 Valerio ValerioAdded about dialog
2010-03-11 Valerio Valerioupdate icons paths
2010-03-11 Valerio ValerioRemoved *.user files
2010-03-11 Valerio Valerioturn app into a control panel applet
2010-03-10 Valerio ValerioMove code into a subdir(/src)
2010-03-09 Valerio ValerioAdding HAM icon and bugtracker
2010-03-09 Valerio ValerioAdding menu and desktop icons
2010-03-05 Valerio ValerioAdded save button
2010-02-28 Valerio ValerioFixed "file with spaces in the name" bug, boot player...
2010-02-28 Valerio ValerioAuto-select new added files
2010-02-28 Valerio Valeriosettings and log directory changed
2010-02-25 Valerio ValerioInitial commit
2010-02-25 rootwelcome
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