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[browser-switch] / config-ui / browser-switchboard-cp.c
2010-12-19 Steven LuoUse computed offset instead of hand-built array for...
2010-08-28 Steven LuoFremantle: Prestart MicroB if appropriate when reconfig...
2010-08-27 Steven LuoWhitespace fixes
2010-08-27 Steven LuoConfig UI: Only offer the user browsers that are installed
2010-08-26 Steven LuoRemove continuous_mode config option from Fremantle UI
2010-05-30 Steven LuoConfig UI: leave other_browser_cmd unset instead of...
2010-05-30 Steven LuoDescribe MicroB slightly more verbosely in the UI
2010-05-26 Steven LuoClean up configuration again
2010-05-25 Steven LuoRefactor configuration
2010-05-13 Steven LuoAdd preliminary support for Opera Mobile
2010-02-21 Steven LuoAdd a new config setting for logging
2010-01-05 Steven LuoSpelling/grammar fixes to comments
2010-01-05 Steven LuoUpdate copyright notices
2010-01-05 Steven LuoDiablo: disable autocap/predictive text for the other_b...
2010-01-05 Steven LuoRevise GUI for Fremantle to be more finger-friendly
2009-12-18 Steven LuoDon't use killall to HUP browser-switchboard
2009-12-18 Steven Luoconfig-ui: Teach UI how to HUP C browser-switchboards
2009-12-17 Steven LuoHUP running browser-switchboard processes after saving...
2009-12-17 Steven LuoUse a stock GTK+ dialog
2009-12-17 Steven LuoDon't execute hildon_program_get_instance() before...
2009-12-17 Steven LuoReplace the continuous_mode checkbox with a radiobutton...
2009-12-17 Steven LuoAdd some padding at sides and bottom of the window
2009-12-17 Steven LuoTry to create CONFIGFILE_DIR if it doesn't exist
2009-12-17 Steven LuoDon't explicitly set a size for the dialog
2009-12-17 Steven LuoAlign labels to the right, not to the left
2009-12-17 Steven LuoStyle changes
2009-12-17 Steven LuoImplement loading and saving config settings
2009-12-17 Steven LuoRemove contact address from copyright notice
2009-12-15 Steven LuoCompile fix for the Hildon control panel applet
2009-12-15 Steven LuoShrink dialog window width/height
2009-12-15 Steven LuoCommit the beginnings of a config UI