Force continuous_mode on on Fremantle
[browser-switch] / config.c
2010-08-26 Steven LuoMake continuous mode operation the default
2010-08-26 Steven LuoRemove unnecessary break statement in swb_config_load_o...
2010-08-26 Steven LuoSimplify control flow in swb_config_load_option()
2010-08-26 Steven LuoFix memory leak when repeated options are encountered...
2010-05-30 Steven LuoGet rid of boilerplate code in swb_config_free()
2010-05-30 Steven LuoAvoid structure copies when looping through swb_config_...
2010-05-26 Steven LuoIndentation fixes
2010-05-26 Steven LuoClean up configuration again
2010-05-25 Steven LuoRefactor configuration