Also register for path / on D-Bus
[browser-switch] / dbus-server-bindings.c
2010-09-25 Steven LuoProvide open_new_window and load_url methods with boole...
2010-08-26 Steven LuoEliminate trailing whitespace from lines
2010-08-26 Steven LuoTreat failure to acquire osso_browser name on system...
2010-08-26 Steven LuoListen on D-Bus system bus as well as session bus
2010-02-22 Steven LuoRevert "Make startup notification work for MicroB menu...
2010-02-22 Steven LuoMake startup notification work for MicroB menu entry
2010-02-21 Steven LuoMake "Web" menu entry and /usr/bin/browser open the...
2010-02-21 Steven LuoConvert existing code to use the new logging infrastructure
2010-02-20 Steven LuoForce the Fremantle Ovi Store bookmark to open in MicroB
2010-01-05 Steven LuoUpdate copyright notices
2010-01-05 Steven LuoEnsure reconfig signal doesn't interrupt request dispat...
2009-12-15 Steven LuoAdd some comments to the code
2009-12-13 Steven LuoFix thinko in open_address
2009-12-11 Steven LuoClean up string handling
2009-12-11 Steven LuoStyle changes
2009-12-11 Steven LuoCommit a plain C reimplementation of browser-switchboard