Update debian/changelog
[browser-switch] / debian /
2009-12-23 Steven LuoUpdate debian/changelog
2009-12-19 Steven LuoActually use EXTRA_CFLAGS
2009-12-19 Steven LuoOptimize for N8x0 on armel builds, and use Thumb if...
2009-12-19 Steven LuoBump Standards-Version
2009-12-19 Steven LuoUpdate changelog, bump version number diablo-package-3.0rc1-2
2009-12-19 Steven LuoDepend on libosso-dev instead of libdbus-1-dev for...
2009-12-18 Steven LuoDeal with `pidof browser-switchboard` returning no... diablo-package-3.0rc1-1
2009-12-18 Steven LuoMove ${shlibs:Depends} to the front of the Depends...
2009-12-18 Steven LuoInstall config-ui files to the right place
2009-12-18 Steven LuoDon't use killall to kill off C browser-switchboards
2009-12-18 Steven LuoRevert "Don't use killall to kill off browser-switchboa...
2009-12-18 Steven LuoDon't use killall to kill off browser-switchboards...
2009-12-18 Steven LuoFix the clean target in debian/rules
2009-12-18 Steven LuoUse DESTDIR for make install
2009-12-18 Steven LuoNote cherry-picked commit in debian/changelog
2009-12-18 Steven LuoUpdate debian/changelog
2009-12-18 Steven LuoUpdate packaging for the C implementation
2009-12-14 Steven LuoActually provide a friendly name for the package diablo-package-python-implementation diablo-package-2.2-1
2009-12-14 Steven LuoDon't try to support installing over browser-proxy
2009-12-14 Steven LuoUpdate debian/changelog
2009-12-14 Steven LuoAdd a Maemo-Display-Name for the GUI application manager
2009-12-11 Steven LuoRename the package to browser-switchboard
2009-12-11 Steven LuoDrop hard dependency on tear
2009-12-11 Steven LuoInitial commit of the Debian packaging for Diablo.