Fix some abuses of the D-Bus API
[browser-switch] / launcher.c
2010-02-05 Steven LuoFix some abuses of the D-Bus API
2010-02-05 Steven LuoClose stdin/stdout/stderr in child processes before...
2010-02-02 Steven LuoZap one more extraneous #include from Fremantle MicroB...
2010-02-02 Steven LuoRemove some unnecessary #includes that crept in
2010-02-02 Steven LuoInitial support for launching MicroB on Fremantle
2010-01-05 Steven LuoSpelling/grammar fixes to comments
2009-12-18 Steven LuoDefault to launching MicroB if default_browser is unset
2009-12-15 Steven LuoBe more consistent with debug printf()s for the launche...
2009-12-15 Steven LuoAdd some comments to the code
2009-12-15 Steven LuoLaunch MicroB if default_browser not set and Tear isn...
2009-12-13 Steven LuoFix off-by-one error in launch_other_browser
2009-12-11 Steven LuoDon't exit if pidof dies abnormally
2009-12-11 Steven LuoClean up string handling
2009-12-11 Steven LuoStyle changes
2009-12-11 Steven LuoCommit a plain C reimplementation of browser-switchboard