Also register for path / on D-Bus
[browser-switch] / main.c
2011-08-07 Steven LuoAlso register for path / on D-Bus master
2010-11-28 Steven LuoMake signal handlers async-signal-safe
2010-08-27 Steven LuoFremantle: Coexist with a running MicroB process; don...
2010-08-26 Steven LuoEliminate trailing whitespace from lines
2010-08-26 Steven LuoAdd trailing newline to Fremantle continuous mode warni...
2010-08-26 Steven LuoListen on D-Bus system bus as well as session bus
2010-08-26 Steven LuoForce continuous_mode on on Fremantle
2010-05-30 Steven LuoFix memory leak on reconfiguration
2010-05-25 Steven LuoRefactor configuration
2010-02-22 Steven LuoRevert "Make startup notification work for MicroB menu...
2010-02-22 Steven LuoMake startup notification work for MicroB menu entry
2010-02-21 Steven LuoMake config printout go to selected log target
2010-02-21 Steven LuoAdd a new config setting for logging
2010-02-21 Steven LuoConvert existing code to use the new logging infrastructure
2010-02-16 Steven LuoUpdate copyright year
2010-02-15 Steven LuoEnsure that only one browser-switchboard is active...
2009-12-17 Steven LuoRemove unnecessary #includes
2009-12-17 Steven LuoSwitch the proxy over to use shared config file parsing...
2009-12-16 Steven LuoInitial refactor of config file handling
2009-12-15 Steven LuoAdd some comments to the code
2009-12-15 Steven LuoTry legacy config file location if config file not...
2009-12-13 Steven LuoActually initialize sa_mask properly
2009-12-13 Steven LuoInitialize sa_mask in sigaction structure
2009-12-13 Steven LuoCreate and register two different OssoBrowser objects...
2009-12-11 Steven LuoRemove a stray debugging printf()
2009-12-11 Steven LuoClean up string handling
2009-12-11 Steven LuoStyle changes
2009-12-11 Steven LuoMake config file parsing (mostly) compatible with the...
2009-12-11 Steven LuoCommit a plain C reimplementation of browser-switchboard