2010-08-26 Steven LuoEliminate trailing whitespace from lines
2010-08-26 Steven LuoAdd trailing newline to Fremantle continuous mode warni...
2010-08-26 Steven LuoTreat failure to acquire osso_browser name on system...
2010-08-26 Steven LuoListen on D-Bus system bus as well as session bus
2010-08-26 Steven LuoRemove continuous_mode config option from Fremantle UI
2010-08-26 Steven LuoForce continuous_mode on on Fremantle
2010-08-26 Steven LuoMake continuous mode operation the default
2010-08-26 Steven LuoRemove unnecessary break statement in swb_config_load_o...
2010-08-26 Steven LuoSimplify control flow in swb_config_load_option()
2010-08-26 Steven LuoFix memory leak when repeated options are encountered...
2010-05-30 Steven LuoAdd command-line utility to Makefile install target
2010-05-30 Steven LuoRestore webpages
2010-05-30 Steven LuoRemove webpages for release v3.3b1
2010-05-30 Steven LuoConfig UI: leave other_browser_cmd unset instead of...
2010-05-30 Steven LuoFix check for whether a browser is installed
2010-05-30 Steven LuoCommand-line utility: avoid NULL dereference when displ...
2010-05-30 Steven LuoUpdate README and Changelog
2010-05-30 Steven LuoFix memory leak on reconfiguration
2010-05-30 Steven LuoDescribe MicroB slightly more verbosely in the UI
2010-05-30 Steven LuoDon't use a browser as the default browser if it's...
2010-05-30 Steven LuoGet rid of boilerplate code in swb_config_free()
2010-05-30 Steven LuoAvoid structure copies when looping through swb_config_...
2010-05-30 Steven LuoRemove use_other_browser_cmd()
2010-05-30 Steven LuoUse an array of browser launchers instead of boilerplat...
2010-05-30 Steven LuoUpdate webpage
2010-05-26 Steven LuoIntroduce command-line config utility
2010-05-26 Steven LuoIndentation fixes
2010-05-26 Steven LuoClean up configuration again
2010-05-25 Steven LuoRefactor configuration
2010-05-13 Steven LuoAdd preliminary support for Opera Mobile
2010-03-08 Steven LuoWhitespace cleanups
2010-02-24 Steven LuoAvoid use of Fremantle codename alone, for clarity
2010-02-24 Steven LuoUpdate webpage
2010-02-22 Steven LuoNote that on Fremantle, MicroB browser windows should...
2010-02-22 Steven LuoRestore webpages
2010-02-22 Steven LuoRemove webpages for release v3.2
2010-02-22 Steven LuoUpdate Changelog
2010-02-22 Steven LuoUpdate README
2010-02-22 Steven LuoRevert "Make startup notification work for MicroB menu...
2010-02-22 Steven LuoMake startup notification work for MicroB menu entry
2010-02-22 Steven LuoLink binaries with -Wl,--as-needed to reduce library...
2010-02-22 Steven LuoFix Makefile install targets
2010-02-22 Steven LuoFix Makefile clean targets
2010-02-22 Steven LuoUpdate build system
2010-02-21 Steven LuoMake "Web" menu entry and /usr/bin/browser open the...
2010-02-21 Steven LuoMake config printout go to selected log target
2010-02-21 Steven LuoAdd a new config setting for logging
2010-02-21 Steven LuoConvert existing code to use the new logging infrastructure
2010-02-21 Steven LuoAdd logging functions with selectable log output targets
2010-02-20 Steven LuoForce the Fremantle Ovi Store bookmark to open in MicroB
2010-02-16 Steven LuoUpdate copyright year
2010-02-16 Steven LuoClarify control flow in inotify read loop
2010-02-15 Steven LuoEnsure that only one browser-switchboard is active...
2010-02-15 Steven LuoAvoid a race between MicroB startup and establishing...
2010-02-15 Steven LuoInstall the inotify watch for lockfile creation before...
2010-02-14 Steven LuoTake a different approach to detecting MicroB browser...
2010-02-06 Steven LuoUpdate webpage
2010-02-06 Steven LuoAvoid two consecutive parens in webpage text
2010-02-06 Steven LuoUpdate Fremantle screenshot with new 3.1 UI
2010-02-06 Steven LuoUpdate webpage
2010-02-06 Steven LuoKill MicroB browser UI processes instead of using exit_...
2010-02-05 Steven LuoMake sure a running browserd is detected correctly...
2010-02-05 Steven LuoUpdate copyright year
2010-02-05 Steven LuoThrow away stdout/stderr for browserds we launch too
2010-02-05 Steven LuoFix some abuses of the D-Bus API
2010-02-05 Steven LuoClose stdin/stdout/stderr in child processes before...
2010-02-02 Steven LuoZap one more extraneous #include from Fremantle MicroB...
2010-02-02 Steven LuoRemove some unnecessary #includes that crept in
2010-02-02 Steven LuoInitial support for launching MicroB on Fremantle
2010-01-15 Steven LuoRestore webpages
2010-01-15 Steven LuoRemove webpages for release v3.1
2010-01-15 Steven LuoBump version number in README/Changelog
2010-01-05 Steven LuoSpelling/grammar fixes to comments
2010-01-05 Steven LuoUpdate Changelog
2010-01-05 Steven LuoAdd support for EXTRA_CPPFLAGS/EXTRA_LDFLAGS in Makefiles
2010-01-05 Steven LuoUpdate copyright notices
2010-01-05 Steven LuoDiablo: disable autocap/predictive text for the other_b...
2010-01-05 Steven LuoRevise GUI for Fremantle to be more finger-friendly
2010-01-05 Steven LuoEnsure reconfig signal doesn't interrupt request dispat...
2009-12-28 Steven LuoUpdate webpage to recommend installation from extras
2009-12-28 Steven LuoAdd an .install file for installing from extras
2009-12-24 Steven LuoUpdate current release section of webpage, link to...
2009-12-24 Steven LuoUpdate webpage, add some screenshots
2009-12-23 Steven LuoReadd webpage
2009-12-23 Steven LuoUpdate README and Changelog v3.0
2009-12-23 Steven LuoRemove webpage for release tarball
2009-12-19 Steven LuoUpdate webpage
2009-12-19 Steven LuoSupport EXTRA_CFLAGS in Makefiles
2009-12-19 Steven LuoUse pkg-config libosso instead of pkg-config dbus-1...
2009-12-18 Steven LuoUpdate webpage
2009-12-18 Steven LuoDon't use killall to HUP browser-switchboard
2009-12-18 Steven LuoFix dependencies listed in README
2009-12-18 Steven Luoconfig-ui: Teach UI how to HUP C browser-switchboards
2009-12-18 Steven LuoReadd the webpage
2009-12-18 Steven LuoAdd the version number to the README c-implementation v3.0rc1
2009-12-18 Steven LuoUpdate Changelog and README
2009-12-18 Steven LuoDefault to launching MicroB if default_browser is unset
2009-12-18 Steven LuoMake the default prefix /usr
2009-12-18 Steven Luoconfig-ui: the strip and install targets only work...
2009-12-18 Steven LuoEnsure that all objects for the plugin are built with...