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last changeWed, 5 May 2010 14:14:36 +0000 (17:14 +0300)
2010-05-05 Todor TsankovFix in osso-tutorial.po master
2010-05-05 Todor TsankovVarious polishes while still waiting for PR1.2 to come...
2010-04-06 Todor TsankovПроменен превода от „ток“ на „електроенергия“
2010-03-22 Todor TsankovFix in maemo5/po/osso-display.po
2010-03-16 Todor TsankovSmall various fixes
2010-03-05 Todor Tsankovmodified apps/simplenotewidget/simplenotewidget_bg_BG.ts
2010-03-04 Todor TsankovAdded simplenotewidget localization
2010-03-04 Todor TsankovVarios polishes in the base maemo5 package localizations
2010-03-04 Todor TsankovAdded localization (actually the config file) of conky...
2010-03-04 Todor TsankovAdded localizations for third party apps
2010-03-03 Todor Tsankovedit of apps/osso-xterm/osso-xterm.po
2010-03-03 Todor TsankovFiles rearangements
2010-02-26 Todor TsankovFixes in rtcom-call-ui.po
2010-02-26 Todor TsankovLocalization fixes
2010-02-26 Todor TsankovLocalized:
2010-02-26 Todor TsankovFinished with localization of all other files
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