2013-08-18 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.21.1power1 release master 1.21.1power1
2013-08-18 Dennis Groenensubstitute swapon patch with the upstream merged one
2013-08-04 Dennis Groenenswapon: adhere swap priority in fstab
2013-08-04 Dennis Groenenupdate busybox power against BusyBox 1.21.1 release
2013-03-16 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.21.0power2 release 1.21.0power2
2013-03-16 Dennis Groenenapply BusyBox 1.21.0 hotfixes
2013-02-12 Dennis Groenendivert busybox binary to /opt/busybox-power/
2013-01-27 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.21.0power1 release 1.21.0power1
2013-01-27 Dennis Groenenprepare master branch for a new diablo branch
2013-01-27 Dennis Groenengenerate busybox-power-althistory package
2013-01-24 Dennis Groenencorrect debian/scripts/applets
2013-01-23 Dennis Groenenupdate busybox-power against BusyBox 1.21 release
2012-11-30 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.20.2power5 release 1.20.2power5
2012-11-30 Dennis Groenenalso don't show the first-time installation warning...
2012-11-28 Dennis Groenenmodify warning messages, include more information
2012-11-26 Dennis Groenendon't set up a local diversion
2012-11-26 Dennis Groenenre-enable ubirsvol, Diablo uses a separate busybox...
2012-11-26 Dennis Groenendon't always show the first-time installation warning...
2012-11-26 Dennis Groenenadd maemo-version as a build dependency
2012-11-21 Teemu IkonenAdd a separate config for Diablo with kernel module...
2012-11-05 Teemu IkonenRemove ubirsvol.
2012-11-05 Teemu IkonenDiablo support.
2012-10-25 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.20.2power4 release 1.20.2power4
2012-10-25 Dennis Groenenmodify warning messages, avoid user confusion on Harmattan
2012-10-25 Dennis Groenenuse aegis-exec to call meego-confirm-text for displayin...
2012-10-25 Dennis Groenenmake scripts fail on unsupported environments
2012-10-24 Dennis Groenenupdate the installation warning displayed in Harmattan
2012-10-24 Dennis Groenenincrease copy buffer size from 4kb to 64kb
2012-10-24 Dennis Groenenupdate BusyBox 1.20.2 hotfixes
2012-10-23 Dennis Groenenadd proper support for (un)installation in Harmattan...
2012-10-20 Dennis Groenenadd (un)installation support for Harmattan
2012-10-17 Dennis Groenenenable detection of Harmattan environment
2012-10-17 Dennis Groenenadd check for missing busybox.distrib.version in prerm
2012-10-16 Dennis Groenenmodify checks in (un)installation script
2012-10-16 Dennis Groenenmove (un)installation script content to postinst/prerm
2012-10-16 Dennis Groenenminor tweaks in coding style and warning messages
2012-10-16 Dennis Groenendon't warn about backup SHA1 when the providing package...
2012-10-16 Dennis Groenenuse the diversion target for backing up the original...
2012-10-16 Dennis Groenentweak hashing and backup logic
2012-10-16 Dennis Groenenremove cleanup code for old conffile
2012-10-16 Dennis Groenenmake use of dpkg-divert, do not let /bin/busybox be...
2012-10-16 Dennis Groenenuse SHA1 hashes instead of MD5 hashes
2012-10-16 Dennis Groenenremove modified dates from files, we have git
2012-10-13 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.20.2power3 release 1.20.2power3
2012-10-13 Dennis Groenenre-enable writing out shell history on exit
2012-10-13 Dennis Groenenexit shell cleanly upon receiving SIGHUP
2012-09-20 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.20.2power2 release 1.20.2power2
2012-09-20 Dennis Groenenremove workaround for bug 5317
2012-09-20 Dennis Groenendisable writing out shell history on exit
2012-08-25 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.20.2power1 release 1.20.2power1
2012-08-25 Dennis Groenendon't restore backup binary if busybox has been modified
2012-08-25 Dennis Groenensynchronize patches with CSSU
2012-08-24 Dennis Groenenrestructure (un)installation scripts; modularize
2012-08-24 Dennis Groenenuse platform names in installation scripts
2012-08-22 Dennis Groenenapply BusyBox 1.20.2 hotfixes
2012-08-22 Dennis Groenendisable internal (shadow) password and group functions
2012-08-22 Dennis Groenenenable username completion
2012-08-22 Dennis Groenenincrease shell history size to 255
2012-07-03 Dennis Groenenupdate busybox-power against BusyBox 1.20.2 release
2012-06-30 Dennis Groenenrevert thumb-related changes in master
2012-06-30 David Fries(disabled) ls dir now red not dark blue on black
2012-06-30 David Friesset MAKETHREADS from the number of cores counted
2012-06-25 Dennis Groenenrevert accidental mode change of build.sh
2012-06-25 Dennis Groeneninitial thumb ISA support
2012-06-24 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.20.1power2 release 1.20.1power2
2012-06-23 Dennis Groenenbackport: vi: save/restore screen upon invocation
2012-06-22 Dennis Groenenapply BusyBox 1.20.1 hotfixes
2012-06-22 Dennis Groenensynchronize patches with Debian Sid
2012-05-28 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.20.1power1 release 1.20.1power1
2012-05-28 Dennis Groenenupdate busybox-power against BusyBox 1.20.1 release
2012-04-27 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.20.0power1 release 1.20.0power1
2012-04-27 Dennis Groenenapply BusyBox 1.20.0 hotfixes
2012-04-22 Dennis Groenenupdate busybox-power against BusyBox 1.20 release
2012-04-10 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.19.4power1 release 1.19.4power1
2012-04-10 Dennis Groenenrevert the whole SUID situation
2012-04-10 Dennis Groenenbackport: grep: support for -x, match whole line
2012-03-11 Dennis Groenenclean up scripts
2012-02-05 Dennis Groenenupdate busybox-power against BusyBox 1.19.4 release
2012-02-05 Dennis Groenenfix multithreaded building
2012-02-05 Dennis Groenencorrect source URL for debian's patches
2012-01-31 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.19.3power5 release 1.19.3power5
2012-01-31 Dennis Groenenupdate BusyBox 1.19.3 hotfixes
2012-01-31 Dennis Groenenvi: implement :p (go to previous file)
2012-01-17 Dennis Groenenmake df's output more compatible with the stock BusyBox df
2012-01-12 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.19.3power4 release 1.19.3power4
2012-01-12 Dennis Groenenupdate BusyBox 1.19.3 hotfixes
2012-01-12 Dennis Groenenset SUID bit on busybox
2012-01-12 Dennis Groeneninclude environment configuration file
2012-01-12 Dennis Groenenappletlib: parse /etc/environment prior to applet launch
2011-11-24 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.19.3power3 release 1.19.3power3
2011-11-24 Dennis Groenenenable Unicode support by default
2011-11-24 Dennis Groenenremove the SUID bit for now, fixes TMPDIR issue
2011-11-22 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.19.3power2 release 1.19.3power2
2011-11-22 Dennis Groenenapply BusyBox 1.19.3 hotfixes
2011-11-22 Dennis Groenensynchronize patches with Debian Sid
2011-11-22 Dennis Groenenmerge busybox and busybox_root, set SUID bit on busybox
2011-10-29 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.19.3power1 release 1.19.3power1
2011-10-29 Dennis Groenenupdate debian/control
2011-10-29 Dennis Groenenupdate busybox-power against BusyBox 1.19.3 release
2011-09-10 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.19.2power1 release 1.19.2power1