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last changeSun, 18 Aug 2013 09:28:12 +0000 (11:28 +0200)
2013-08-18 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.21.1power1 release master 1.21.1power1
2013-08-18 Dennis Groenensubstitute swapon patch with the upstream merged one
2013-08-04 Dennis Groenenswapon: adhere swap priority in fstab
2013-08-04 Dennis Groenenupdate busybox power against BusyBox 1.21.1 release
2013-03-16 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.21.0power2 release 1.21.0power2
2013-03-16 Dennis Groenenapply BusyBox 1.21.0 hotfixes
2013-02-12 Dennis Groenendivert busybox binary to /opt/busybox-power/
2013-01-27 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.21.0power1 release 1.21.0power1
2013-01-27 Dennis Groenenprepare master branch for a new diablo branch
2013-01-27 Dennis Groenengenerate busybox-power-althistory package
2013-01-24 Dennis Groenencorrect debian/scripts/applets
2013-01-23 Dennis Groenenupdate busybox-power against BusyBox 1.21 release
2012-11-30 Dennis Groenenprepare busybox-power 1.20.2power5 release 1.20.2power5
2012-11-30 Dennis Groenenalso don't show the first-time installation warning...
2012-11-28 Dennis Groenenmodify warning messages, include more information
2012-11-26 Dennis Groenendon't set up a local diversion
8 years ago 1.21.1power1 busybox-power 1.21.1power1
8 years ago 1.21.0power2 busybox-power 1.21.0power2
8 years ago 1.21.0power1 busybox-power 1.21.0power1
9 years ago 1.20.2power5 busybox-power 1.20.2power5
9 years ago 1.20.2power4 busybox-power 1.20.2power4
9 years ago 1.20.2power3 busybox-power 1.20.2power3
9 years ago 1.20.2power2 busybox-power 1.20.2power2
9 years ago 1.20.2power1 busybox-power 1.20.2power1
9 years ago 1.20.1power2 busybox-power 1.20.1power2
9 years ago 1.20.1power1 busybox-power 1.20.1power1
9 years ago 1.20.0power1 busybox-power 1.20.0power1
9 years ago 1.19.4power1 busybox-power 1.19.4power1
9 years ago 1.19.3power5 busybox-power 1.19.3power5
9 years ago 1.19.3power4 busybox-power 1.19.3power4
9 years ago 1.19.3power3 busybox-power 1.19.3power3
9 years ago 1.19.3power2 busybox-power 1.19.3power2
8 years ago harmattan
8 years ago diablo
8 years ago thumb
8 years ago master
9 years ago meego-confirm-text