2010-08-23 Lukas Hrazkyv0.3.0 master v0.3.0
2010-08-22 Lukas Hrazkyremember scrollbar position for visited directories
2010-08-22 Lukas Hrazkyslight styling enhancements for panes
2010-08-22 Lukas Hrazkymade progressbar layout 2 rows, max 6 bars total
2010-08-22 Lukas Hrazkypause in the middle of copying a file w/o reset
2010-08-22 Lukas Hrazkycode cleanup
2010-08-21 Lukas Hrazkynew style for the progressbars, display more info
2010-08-15 Lukas Hrazkyfixed error handling on sequential file check
2010-08-15 Lukas Hrazkyadded possibility to pause/abort the operations
2010-08-14 Lukas Hrazkyclick to inactive file list won't change selection
2010-07-31 Lukas Hrazkyv0.2.0 v0.2.0
2010-07-30 Lukas Hrazkyfixed entering path from the addressbar
2010-07-30 Lukas Hrazkyoption to enter new name in overwrite dialog
2010-07-25 Lukas Hrazkyv0.1.2 v0.1.2
2010-07-25 Lukas Hrazkybugfix deleting target file after write failure
2010-07-25 Lukas Hrazkydisplay buttons in overwrite dialog in 2 columns
2010-07-24 Lukas Hrazkyadd 'Skip' button to overwrite dialog for dirs
2010-07-24 Lukas Hrazkydont delete source files on moving if error occurs
2010-07-21 Lukas Hrazkyadded icons for the buttons v0.1.1
2010-07-20 Lukas Hrazkypackaging: changed architecture from any to armel v0.1.0
2010-07-19 Lukas HrazkyCtrl-H shortcut to toggle hidden files' visibility
2010-07-19 Lukas Hrazkyreplaced '/home/user' in the addressbar with '~'
2010-07-19 Lukas Hrazkyaltered behavior of the 'move' operation
2010-07-18 Lukas Hrazkyadded filename and ETA information to progressbars
2010-07-18 Lukas Hrazkyhackaround to prevent selecting an item after a cd
2010-07-18 Lukas Hrazkycosmetic changes for the middle column buttons
2010-07-18 Lukas Hrazkypackaging
2010-07-18 Lukas Hrazkythe .desktop file and icon
2010-07-17 Lukas Hrazkyadd email to copyright notice
2010-07-17 Lukas Hrazkyuse the plastique style for progressbar for now
2010-07-13 Lukas Hrazkythe big bang
2010-07-13 Lukas Hrazkythanks
2010-05-24 rootwelcome