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last changeMon, 23 Aug 2010 20:07:32 +0000 (22:07 +0200)
2010-08-23 Lukas Hrazkyv0.3.0 master v0.3.0
2010-08-22 Lukas Hrazkyremember scrollbar position for visited directories
2010-08-22 Lukas Hrazkyslight styling enhancements for panes
2010-08-22 Lukas Hrazkymade progressbar layout 2 rows, max 6 bars total
2010-08-22 Lukas Hrazkypause in the middle of copying a file w/o reset
2010-08-22 Lukas Hrazkycode cleanup
2010-08-21 Lukas Hrazkynew style for the progressbars, display more info
2010-08-15 Lukas Hrazkyfixed error handling on sequential file check
2010-08-15 Lukas Hrazkyadded possibility to pause/abort the operations
2010-08-14 Lukas Hrazkyclick to inactive file list won't change selection
2010-07-31 Lukas Hrazkyv0.2.0 v0.2.0
2010-07-30 Lukas Hrazkyfixed entering path from the addressbar
2010-07-30 Lukas Hrazkyoption to enter new name in overwrite dialog
2010-07-25 Lukas Hrazkyv0.1.2 v0.1.2
2010-07-25 Lukas Hrazkybugfix deleting target file after write failure
2010-07-25 Lukas Hrazkydisplay buttons in overwrite dialog in 2 columns
11 years ago v0.3.0 pause/abort file operations, new...
11 years ago v0.2.0 possibility to enter new name when...
11 years ago v0.1.2 fixed some behavior on errors and...
11 years ago v0.1.1 release 0.1.1
11 years ago v0.1.0 release 0.1.0
11 years ago master