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2012-04-12 Heli HyvättinenUpdated the web pages master
2012-02-28 Heli HyvättinenUpdated a web page
2011-09-03 Heli HyvättinenUpdated web pages due to first harmattan beta released
2011-02-04 Heli HyvättinenUpdated the web pages
2010-10-29 Heli HyvättinenFixed an eror in the web pages
2010-10-14 Heli HyvättinenUpdated the web pages
2010-10-12 Arto HyvättinenScreen will turn black after 30 min
2010-10-11 Heli HyvättinenAdded game pausing when the application is minimized
2010-10-02 Heli HyvättinenUpdated the web pages
2010-09-30 Arto HyvättinenFixed keepScreenLit(true) after black pause
2010-09-27 Arto HyvättinenAPI documentation updated
2010-09-17 Arto HyvättinenAdded some fun event filtering to grab pause and welcom... pausebutton
2010-09-17 Arto HyvättinenScreen keep lit when playing
2010-09-17 Arto HyvättinenClasses to keep screen lit
2010-09-17 Arto HyvättinenAdded pause button and screen lit function
2010-08-23 Arto HyvättinenCorrected include of std::abs <cstdio> -> <stdlib>
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10 years ago v1.9.0 Version 1.9.0 as released on 'helih...
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