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2010-01-11 Duncan Craggobject web, etc master
2009-03-20 userfirst round of tests, now with utf-8
2009-03-20 usermore test and api stuff
2009-03-19 userBig renaming
2009-03-19 userfirst cut of Object Notification API and tests
2009-03-16 useradded testni driver
2009-03-16 usercreated nt directory
2009-03-16 userminor updates
2009-03-13 userAdded GPL
2009-03-13 userPut X11 and EGL into the kernel leaving ES 2.0 only...
2009-03-13 useroptimising includes
2009-03-12 userfirst steps towards opengl in kernel
2009-03-12 userfirst import of old cilux linux platform code