size/scheme options; better translation
[colorflood] / colorflood / src / field.cpp
2010-04-13 Serge Ziryukinsize/scheme options; better translation
2010-04-13 Serge Ziryukinnew game/toggle fullscreen buttons
2010-04-13 Serge Ziryukinrepaint after flooding and randomize after game end
2010-04-13 Serge Ziryukinuse russian tr if current language is russian
2010-04-13 Serge Ziryukincolor flooding, renames, fixes
2010-04-03 Serge Ziryukininclude only used headers
2010-04-02 Serge Ziryukincolor scheme, randomizing, state saving/restore
2010-03-31 Serge Ziryukinfirst version: three types of field with randomness