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last changeMon, 19 Apr 2010 07:27:05 +0000 (10:27 +0300)
2010-04-19 Marcus Wikströmmoved babyblues, fixed master
2010-04-06 Marcus returned
2010-04-06 Marcus Wmoved babyblues to ckdm
2010-04-02 Lari TuononenRemoved matin maapallo, replaced with
2010-03-08 mecenew build. added logging.
2010-03-08 mecenew version, built and ready.
2010-03-08 Marcus Wikströmadded Lari Tuononens scripts
2010-03-07 Marcus Wadded Lari Tuomoinens script for Viivi n Wagner
2010-03-07 Marcus Wikströmstartup bug
2010-02-11 Marcus Wikströmdoubletap to view comic in browser added
2010-02-10 mecefixed icon and version numbers
2010-02-09 mecepossible disappearing widget fix
2010-02-09 Marcus Wikströmfunctions...
2010-02-09 Marcus WikströmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-09 Marcus Wikströmjump functions
2010-02-09 Marcus Wikströmadded a ton of comics---fixed
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