Remove obsolete file.
[connman] /
2009-06-24 Jukka RissanenCleanup maemo build dirs and files.
2009-05-21 Marcel HoltmannUse AM_PROG_CC_C_O and handle generated compile script
2009-05-08 Marcel HoltmannAdd directory for AT chat library
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd infrastructure for built-in plugins
2009-03-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for WiFi scanning tool
2009-03-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for testing tools directory
2009-03-09 Marcel HoltmannFix broken shave and shave-libtool cleanup
2009-03-09 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for shave autoconf/automake beautifier
2009-01-08 Marcel HoltmannAdd option to disable installation for data files
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannAdd option for selecting Bluetooth support
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannAdd option for selecting Ethernet support
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannEnable resolver plugins for distcheck building
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannAdd configure options for udhcp and dhclient
2009-01-02 Marcel HoltmannEnable 3G plugins for distcheck building
2009-01-02 Marcel HoltmannAdd configure options to select plugins
2008-12-15 Marcel HoltmannAdd directory for client application
2008-08-13 Marcel HoltmannDisable gtk-doc for distcheck process
2008-08-13 Marcel HoltmannProcess documentation directory last
2008-08-12 Marcel HoltmannAdd copy of libgdbus helper for easier adoption
2008-06-30 Marcel HoltmannInstall the connman.pc for external plugin development
2008-03-02 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for pkg-config
2008-01-30 Marcel HoltmannAdd documentation directory
2008-01-24 Marcel HoltmannAdd directory for example applications
2007-12-24 Marcel HoltmannAdd helper script and configuration file for DHCP support
2007-12-22 Marcel HoltmannAdd plugin infrastructure
2007-12-22 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for daemon and D-Bus registration
2007-12-22 Marcel HoltmannInitial revision