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2009-05-25 Marcel HoltmannAdd support building Modem Manager plugin into the...
2009-05-25 Marcel HoltmannUse dummy assignment and don't overwrite user specified...
2009-05-25 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for building PolicyKit support into the...
2009-05-25 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for building Option HSO plugin as builtin
2009-05-23 Inaky Perez-GonzalezAdd plugin for Intel WiMAX SDK
2009-05-21 Marcel HoltmannUse AM_PROG_CC_C_O and handle generated compile script
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.19 0.19
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.18 0.18
2009-05-13 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for oFono plugin
2009-05-13 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.17 0.17
2009-05-08 Marcel HoltmannAdd directory for AT chat library
2009-05-08 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.16 0.16
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannFix default values for built-in enabled plugins
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannFix udhcpc, dhclient and resolvconf binary detection
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd built-in support for udhcp and dhclient plugins
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannAllow built-in of wifi, bluetooth and resolvconf plugins
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannAllow selective option for current built-in plugins
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannCheck for inotify header files and library support
2009-04-18 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for Modem Manager plugin
2009-04-06 Marcel HoltmannFix compilation with old D-Bus 1.0.x installations
2009-03-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for testing tools directory
2009-03-27 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.15 0.15
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.14 0.14
2009-03-14 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.13 0.13
2009-03-09 Marcel HoltmannEnforce threading support when using Intel WiMAX plugin
2009-03-09 Marcel HoltmannCheck for libiWmxSdk-0 when enabling Intel WiMAX plugin
2009-03-09 Marcel HoltmannRename WiMAX plugin to Intel WiMAX SDK plugin
2009-03-09 Marcel HoltmannRename OSPM plugin to Intel OSPM plugin
2009-03-09 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for shave autoconf/automake beautifier
2009-03-08 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.12 0.12
2009-02-28 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.11 0.11
2009-02-28 Marcel HoltmannFix DHCLIENT and RESOLVCONF variable name typos
2009-01-30 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for OSPM plugin
2009-01-23 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.10 0.10
2009-01-22 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.9 0.9
2009-01-18 Marcel HoltmannRequire GLib 2.16 or later for GHashTableIter support
2009-01-10 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.8 0.8
2009-01-08 Marcel HoltmannAdd option to disable installation for data files
2009-01-08 Marcel HoltmannUse $PKG_CONFIG instead of pkg-config
2009-01-08 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for reading config directory from dbus...
2009-01-08 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for reading rules directory from libudev.pc
2009-01-08 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for reading policy directory from polkit.pc
2009-01-07 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.7 0.7
2009-01-07 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for CONNMAN_VERSION declaration
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.6 0.6
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for future WiMAX plugin
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannAdd option for selecting Bluetooth support
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannFix broken option names
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannAdd option for selecting Ethernet support
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannAdd option for selecting DNS proxy support
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannFix minor spelling mistake
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannAdd option for selecting resolvconf support
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannUse udev_device_get_parent_with_subsystem_devtype(...
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannAdd option for location of pppd binary
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannAdd options to specific udhcpc and dhclient programs
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannAdd configure options for udhcp and dhclient
2009-01-02 Marcel HoltmannAdd plugin skeleton for Novatel devices
2009-01-02 Marcel HoltmannAdd configure switch for HUAWEI support
2009-01-02 Marcel HoltmannRequire udev >= 129 and add enumeration support
2009-01-02 Marcel HoltmannAdd check for udev_monitor_enable_receiving() function
2009-01-02 Marcel HoltmannAdd checks for unavailable udev functions
2009-01-02 Marcel HoltmannFix typo in PPP enabling check
2009-01-02 Marcel HoltmannAdd configure options to select plugins
2009-01-01 Marcel HoltmannFix broken check for pppd header files
2008-12-31 Marcel HoltmannAdd check for pppd binary and header files
2008-12-23 Marcel HoltmannEnable verbose compiler warnings in maintainer mode
2008-12-22 Marcel HoltmannMake the client application optional
2008-12-21 Marcel HoltmannCheck for resolvconf binary
2008-12-21 Marcel HoltmannCheck for udhcpc binary
2008-12-21 Marcel HoltmannTurn warnings into errors when debugging is enabled
2008-12-21 Marcel HoltmannRequire at minimum autoconf 2.60
2008-12-18 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.5 0.5
2008-12-15 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.4 0.4
2008-12-15 Marcel HoltmannAdd directory for client application
2008-12-14 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.3 0.3
2008-12-13 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.2 0.2
2008-12-06 Marcel HoltmannRelease 0.1 0.1
2008-12-06 Marcel HoltmannRequire at minimum udev-127
2008-11-24 Marcel HoltmannAdd check for udev library
2008-11-24 Marcel HoltmannMake threading support optional
2008-11-19 Marcel HoltmannRemove HAL device detection support
2008-11-19 Marcel HoltmannRemove check for SQLite libraries
2008-10-14 Marcel HoltmannUse dynamic linking loader directly
2008-10-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd option to enable/disable HAL plugin
2008-10-07 Marcel HoltmannInclude fake plugin for testing
2008-09-25 Marcel HoltmannAdd /sbin and /usr/sbin to $PATH when detecting for...
2008-08-20 Marcel HoltmannBuild D-Bus documentation in its own directory
2008-08-20 Marcel HoltmannAdd basics for creating D-Bus documentation
2008-08-13 Marcel HoltmannAdd doc/ file
2008-08-13 Marcel HoltmannAdd checks for gtk-doc availability
2008-08-13 Marcel HoltmannDon't use static library for the included libgdbus
2008-08-12 Marcel HoltmannAdd copy of libgdbus helper for easier adoption
2008-08-12 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for PolicyKit plugin
2008-08-12 Marcel HoltmannMake HAL requirement optional and check for PolicyKit
2008-08-09 Marcel HoltmannDon't optimize when debug is enabled
2008-07-30 Marcel HoltmannRemove the wpa_supplicant D-Bus scripts
2008-07-29 Marcel HoltmannUse as it is the preferred name