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2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannMention the missing Name property for hidden WiFi networks
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannUse "RSN" instead of "WPA2" for the security details
2009-05-16 Marcel HoltmannAdd special StateChanged signal
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannRemove Available and Remember network properties
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for service passphrase handling
2009-04-21 Marcel HoltmannDescribe the special carrier service state
2009-04-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for behavior document
2009-04-04 Marcel HoltmannAdd additional information to the API overview
2009-04-04 Marcel HoltmannUpdate manager and service interface documentation
2009-04-01 Marcel HoltmannAdd initial text for D-Bus API overview/introduction
2009-04-01 Marcel HoltmannMention the service state property
2009-04-01 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for mode, security and signal strength...
2009-04-01 Marcel HoltmannUpdate details about service type property
2009-04-01 Marcel HoltmannUpdate default properties for service interface
2009-03-25 Marcel HoltmannDocument the ProposeScan method
2009-03-25 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for method to join networks
2009-03-25 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for device address property
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannDocument the network address property
2009-03-14 Marcel HoltmannMention the service list property
2009-03-11 Marcel HoltmannAdd more helpers for handling profile/service support
2009-03-11 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for profile API description
2009-01-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for ScanInterval property
2009-01-21 Marcel HoltmannIntroduce global "connecting" state
2009-01-20 Marcel HoltmannRename FlightMode to OfflineMode
2009-01-10 Marcel HoltmannAdd Device and Network property to connection interface
2009-01-07 Marcel HoltmannOnly load plugins with the same version string
2009-01-06 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for device priority setting
2009-01-05 Marcel HoltmannAdd storage driver documentation
2008-12-31 Marcel HoltmannAdd Interface property for connections
2008-12-30 Marcel HoltmannFix documentation details
2008-12-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd manual policy to device settings
2008-12-25 Marcel HoltmannAdd details about Interface property
2008-12-25 Marcel HoltmannFix reference docs inclusion
2008-12-22 Marcel HoltmannAdd copy of RFC 2132 (DHCP options)
2008-12-22 Marcel HoltmannAdd copy of RFC 2131 (DHCP system)
2008-12-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd property for global connection policy.
2008-12-21 Marcel HoltmannUpdate property documentation
2008-12-17 Marcel HoltmannAdd Device property to network objects
2008-12-16 Marcel HoltmannFix Name property of device objects
2008-12-15 Marcel HoltmannAdd property to indicate default connections
2008-12-15 Marcel HoltmannAdd signal strength to connection objects
2008-12-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd property for connection type
2008-12-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd copy of RFC 1035 (DNS system)
2008-12-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd generic signal strength property
2008-12-11 Marcel HoltmannDon't include ipv4.xml for now
2008-12-11 Marcel HoltmannAdd definitions for IPv4 methods
2008-12-10 Marcel HoltmannMention Connected property
2008-12-09 Marcel HoltmannDocument generic Name, Available and Remember properties
2008-12-09 Marcel HoltmannRemove invalid error messages
2008-12-09 Marcel HoltmannDocument CreateNetwork and RemoveNetwork methods
2008-12-06 Marcel HoltmannAllow pre-processor pasting of plugin name
2008-12-06 Marcel HoltmannAdd an extra empty line
2008-12-06 Marcel HoltmannUpdate Agent interface description
2008-12-04 Marcel HoltmannAdd API skeleton for service interface
2008-12-04 Marcel HoltmannUse D-Bus API text based documentation
2008-11-26 Marcel HoltmannFix broken newline entry
2008-11-26 Marcel HoltmannAdd first draft of Connection interface API
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannUpdate API documentation links
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannRemove obsolete D-Bus element API documentation
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannAdd Type property to device interface
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannAdd API documentation for network interface
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannFix small spelling mistake
2008-11-19 Marcel HoltmannAdd entry for profile list property
2008-11-19 Marcel HoltmannAdd device interface documentation
2008-11-19 Marcel HoltmannUpdate manager interface documentation
2008-09-01 Marcel HoltmannRemove backup files at cleanup stage
2008-08-20 Marcel HoltmannBuild D-Bus documentation in its own directory
2008-08-20 Marcel HoltmannAdd example for D-Bus documentation
2008-08-20 Marcel HoltmannAdd basics for creating D-Bus documentation
2008-08-15 Marcel HoltmannAdd the manager and element API documents
2008-08-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd documention for the elements
2008-08-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd documentation for the drivers
2008-08-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd documentation for the security framework
2008-08-13 Marcel HoltmannFirst steps into providing API documentation
2008-08-13 Marcel HoltmannPut the license before the index
2008-08-13 Marcel HoltmannMake gtk-doc processing fully optional
2008-08-13 Marcel HoltmannProvide a copy of gtk-doc.make
2008-08-13 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for documentation
2008-08-13 Marcel HoltmannAdd doc/ file
2008-06-30 Marcel HoltmannFix wrong EXTRA_DIST statements
2008-06-29 Marcel HoltmannUpdate the D-Bus API documentation
2008-04-07 Marcel HoltmannAdd documentation for GetState method and StateChanged...
2008-03-01 Marcel HoltmannAdd first draft of plugin API description
2008-01-30 Marcel HoltmannRemove last empty lines
2008-01-30 Marcel HoltmannAdd agent documentation
2008-01-30 Marcel HoltmannAdd initial interface documentation
2008-01-30 Marcel HoltmannAdd manager documentation
2008-01-30 Marcel HoltmannAdd documentation directory