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2009-05-11 Denis KenziorMake the parent path invalidateable
2009-05-06 Luiz Augusto von... Fix crash when calling g_dbus_remove_watch from watch...
2009-04-04 Marcel HoltmannFix handling of watch functions
2009-02-28 Marcel HoltmannCheck that interface name is provided
2009-01-01 Marcel HoltmannUpdate copyright information
2008-12-24 Marcel HoltmannCheck if path is valid before unregistering it
2008-12-23 Marcel HoltmannFix issue with signed/unsigned comparison
2008-12-20 Marcel HoltmannUse tabs for indentation
2008-12-06 Marcel HoltmannFix error message creation
2008-11-26 Marcel HoltmannDon't expect reply when sending D-Bus messages
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannAdd function for checking if a service is present
2008-10-17 Marcel HoltmannAdd g_dbus_add_service_watch() implementation
2008-10-17 Marcel HoltmannFix connection disconnect function
2008-10-17 Marcel HoltmannChange declaration of GDBusWatchFunction
2008-08-13 Marcel HoltmannDon't use static library for the included libgdbus
2008-08-12 Marcel HoltmannAdd copy of libgdbus helper for easier adoption