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2009-06-12 Marcel HoltmannAdd hooks for domain details in dhclient
2009-06-02 Marcel HoltmannAdd default Motorola SSID to the mix
2009-05-28 Marcel HoltmannHandle the case when adding a new interface fails
2009-05-27 Marcel HoltmannFix comparison with invalid supplicant interface path
2009-05-26 Richard PurdieFix dhclient option order to avoid errors
2009-05-25 Marcel HoltmannAdd support building Modem Manager plugin into the...
2009-05-25 Marcel HoltmannUse plugin specific compiler includes for AT chat library
2009-05-25 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for building PolicyKit support into the...
2009-05-25 Marcel HoltmannUse shared library for builtin plugins
2009-05-25 Marcel HoltmannFix linking against AT chat library
2009-05-25 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for building Option HSO plugin as builtin
2009-05-23 Inaky Perez-GonzalezAdd plugin for Intel WiMAX SDK
2009-05-21 Marcel HoltmannRemove useless LDFLAGS variable for builtin plugins
2009-05-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd helper for setting network address and use it
2009-05-21 Marcel HoltmannUse new helpers for network name and signal strength
2009-05-21 Marcel HoltmannExport and use more generic INET helpers
2009-05-20 Marcel HoltmannAdd option for selecting WiFi/Supplicant driver from...
2009-05-20 Marcel HoltmannAdd some more detailed grouping for 3Com's default...
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannFall back to using level value when quality is not...
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannAdd driver property when adding new interface
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannFill WiFi channel property with correct values
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannHandle special case when driver reports channel instead...
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannAdd basic support for WiFi channel property
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannMove calculation of signal strengh into a function
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannAdd frequency property to network objects
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannAvoid setting of network properties twice
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannFix broken network group name handling
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannUse static library for builtin plugins and add extra...
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannUse a more detailed list of special/default SSIDs
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannHandle the special "<hidden>" SSID case from old IEEE80...
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannMark access points with "dlink" SSID as unique
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannUse "RSN" instead of "WPA2" for the security details
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannMark access points with "linksys" SSID as unique
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannAdd hidden networks to the service list
2009-05-13 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for oFono plugin
2009-05-13 Marcel HoltmannFix service state signal emission and error handling
2009-05-06 Marcel HoltmannFix format string warnings
2009-05-04 Marcel HoltmannMake sure interface is down after wpa_supplicant releas...
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd built-in support for udhcp and dhclient plugins
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannAllow built-in of wifi, bluetooth and resolvconf plugins
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannAllow selective option for current built-in plugins
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannChoose to built-in loopback, ethernet and dnsproxy...
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd infrastructure for built-in plugins
2009-04-23 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for setting default hostname
2009-04-23 Marcel HoltmannDisable the inotify for hostname changes
2009-04-23 Marcel HoltmannRegister inotify watch only if setup succeeds
2009-04-23 Marcel HoltmannCheck that hostname and domainname is valid
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannRead domainname after reading the local hostname
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannAdd monitoring of /etc/hostname modifications
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannRead hostname after setting up loopback interface
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannHandle errors with DBusPendingCall and lost connection
2009-04-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd debug output for used domain name server
2009-04-20 Marcel HoltmannAdd detection for Modem Manager running state
2009-04-18 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for Modem Manager plugin
2009-04-16 Marcel HoltmannAdd search domain support to DNS proxy
2009-04-10 Marcel HoltmannUpdate Intel OSPM support to latest specification
2009-04-05 Marcel HoltmannLet the core handle the service prefix/namespace
2009-04-04 Marcel HoltmannWork around issue with missing properties before networ...
2009-04-04 Marcel HoltmannFix group name setting for new networks
2009-04-01 Marcel HoltmannSet an unqiue group name based on SSID, mode and securi...
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannAlways add SSID value to network configuration
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannOnly add network name if it is actually present
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannFix setting of scan_ssid for hidden networks
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannSet SSID and BSSID if both information are available
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannUse BSSID for network connection if possible
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannSet AP scanning and make network available
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannRemove SSID debug statement
2009-03-25 Marcel HoltmannTrigger supplicant connection when joining hidden networks
2009-03-25 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for WiFi network joining callback
2009-03-25 Marcel HoltmannMake sure entry for is written to /etc/resolv...
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for BSSID and WPS IE extraction
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannCheck for socket errors and cancel gracefully
2009-03-25 Marcel HoltmannThe loopback address must be set to
2009-03-24 Marcel HoltmannPropagate DHCP errors to parent elements
2009-03-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd example for DNS request parsing
2009-03-14 Marcel HoltmannFix crash when unplugging WiFi devices
2009-03-11 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for sending flight mode indication
2009-03-11 Marcel HoltmannAdd event callbacks for device state and offline mode...
2009-03-11 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for notifier registration for Intel OSPM...
2009-03-09 Marcel HoltmannAdd linking for libiWmxSdk-0 library
2009-03-09 Marcel HoltmannCleanup of SOURCES targets for plugins
2009-03-09 Marcel HoltmannRename WiMAX plugin to Intel WiMAX SDK plugin
2009-03-09 Marcel HoltmannRename OSPM plugin to Intel OSPM plugin
2009-03-09 Marcel HoltmannUse GCC visibility for exporting symbols
2009-02-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd priority field to plugin descriptor definition
2009-02-26 Marcel HoltmannConvert identifier on-demand if needed
2009-02-03 Marcel HoltmannThe disconnect method PAN doesn't require the interface...
2009-02-03 Marcel HoltmannSet network protocol to IP for Bluetooth PAN to allow...
2009-01-30 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for OSPM plugin
2009-01-21 Marcel HoltmannFix copy and paste mistake
2009-01-21 Marcel HoltmannSwitch network to disconnected on removal
2009-01-09 Marcel HoltmannChange the default access policy for PolicyKit
2009-01-08 Marcel HoltmannAdd option to disable installation for data files
2009-01-08 Marcel HoltmannFix uninitialized action id variable
2009-01-08 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for reading policy directory from polkit.pc
2009-01-07 Marcel HoltmannRemove connman.policy and not polkit.policy on cleanup
2009-01-07 Marcel HoltmannChange name of policy configuration file for PolicyKit
2009-01-07 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for setting network availability
2009-01-06 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for different security privileges
2009-01-06 Marcel HoltmannFix handling of WiFi scanning state