Remove obsolete file.
[connman] / scripts /
2009-02-28 Marcel HoltmannDon't use --pidfile in init script
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannInclude dhclient.conf in distribution
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannDon't install dhclient.conf if not enabled
2009-01-03 Marcel HoltmannAdd proper enabled checks for DHCP scripts
2009-01-02 Marcel HoltmannThe path_ifup[] and path_ifdown[] are Debian specific
2009-01-01 Marcel HoltmannUpdate copyright information
2008-12-31 Marcel HoltmannAdd basic pppd plugin
2008-12-31 Marcel HoltmannHandle missing environment variables
2008-12-31 Marcel HoltmannAdd dbus_connection_flush() to DHCP scripts
2008-12-29 Marcel HoltmannUse the correct domain for uDHCP
2008-12-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd initial implementation for uDHCP support
2008-07-30 Marcel HoltmannRemove the wpa_supplicant D-Bus scripts
2008-06-28 Marcel HoltmannUse constants for the dhclient interface and path values
2008-04-13 Marcel HoltmannUpdate copyright information
2008-03-24 Marcel HoltmannUpdate DHCP plugin to use D-Bus low-level calls
2008-03-12 Marcel HoltmannAdd D-Bus configuration files for supplicant
2008-02-22 Marcel HoltmannAdd basic init script
2007-12-24 Marcel HoltmannAdd helper script and configuration file for DHCP support