Remove obsolete file.
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2009-05-30 Marcel HoltmannDon't add useless domain and search entries to resolv...
2009-05-29 Marcel HoltmannAdd basic parsing of RFKILL events
2009-05-29 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for reading RFKILL events
2009-05-29 Marcel HoltmannAdd debug details for detection init/cleanup
2009-05-29 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for new RFKILL interface
2009-05-27 Marcel HoltmannAdd host route to default gateway first
2009-05-26 Marcel HoltmannAdd workaround for broken libraries within plugins
2009-05-25 Marcel HoltmannFix wrong D-Bus signature for strength changed signal
2009-05-25 Marcel HoltmannUse shared library for builtin plugins
2009-05-25 Marcel HoltmannSend signal when service strength changes
2009-05-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd helper for setting network address and use it
2009-05-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd helpers for setting network name and signal strengt...
2009-05-21 Marcel HoltmannExport and use more generic INET helpers
2009-05-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd generic wrapper for INET based device creation
2009-05-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd skeleton for generic INET helpers
2009-05-21 Marcel HoltmannFix missing copyright year
2009-05-20 Marcel HoltmannDisconnect currently connected networks first
2009-05-20 Marcel HoltmannTry the Wireless Extension driver first for now
2009-05-20 Marcel HoltmannAdd option for selecting WiFi/Supplicant driver from...
2009-05-20 Marcel HoltmannFix transition of network connection state
2009-05-20 Marcel HoltmannMake network connect function private for now
2009-05-20 Marcel HoltmannTake reference when network is connected and assigned...
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannDon't auto-connect to network without a name
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannFill WiFi channel property with correct values
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannAdd frequency property to network objects
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannUse hidden flag to make service invalid
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannSet a unique hidden flag for networks without name
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannReturn an error when trying to connect hidden networks
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannAdd debug information for missing parent element
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannFix broken network group name handling
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannFix broken handling of last network when disconnectiong...
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannUse static library for builtin plugins and add extra...
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannRemove all usage of the Remember network property
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannRemove priority details from network structure
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannUse "RSN" instead of "WPA2" for the security details
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannInclude device details within the profile storage
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannRemove storage of network information
2009-05-16 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for default route notifications
2009-05-16 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for storing last modification time
2009-05-16 Marcel HoltmannAdd message parsing for MoveBefore and MoveAfter methods
2009-05-16 Marcel HoltmannAdd special StateChanged signal
2009-05-16 Marcel HoltmannAdd helper for invalid service error messages
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannAdd descriptions to all D-Bus error messages
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannDisconnect service on removal if still connected
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannOnly disconnect the specific service if asked for it
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannDon't allow remove method calls on non-favorite services
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannMake sure to clear favorite setting on removal
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannMake sure to disconnect network on removal
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannRemove Available and Remember network properties
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannIn case of timeout make sure to cancel network operation
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannMake sure to sort connected services first always first
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannSet intial service state for networks to idle
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannTreat connection timeout the same as failures
2009-05-15 Marcel HoltmannStore the service name for easy identification
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannSome GCC are just too stupid
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannCleanup user data variable names and debug messages
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannMake sure favorite setting is properly loaded
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannMake some service function private for now
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for async service connect and timeout handling
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd helper for already connected error messages
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd helper for operation timeout error messages
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd helper for operation aborted error messages
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd helper for in progress error messages
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd callback skeleton for generic service connect method
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannEnsure that favorite information are stored
2009-05-13 Marcel HoltmannFix service state signal emission and error handling
2009-05-12 Marcel HoltmannFix service lookup for WiFi and WiMAX devices
2009-05-12 Marcel HoltmannStore and load configured passphrases for services
2009-05-12 Marcel HoltmannStore profile identifier assigned to service
2009-05-08 Marcel HoltmannFix weird format warnings from netlink
2009-05-08 Marcel HoltmannFix some more wrong format identifiers
2009-05-01 Marcel HoltmannFix wrong device path in connection properties
2009-05-01 Marcel HoltmannFix position of builtin include
2009-05-01 Marcel HoltmannUse proper error helpers for plugin failures
2009-05-01 Marcel HoltmannAdd pattern and exclude matching for builtin plugins
2009-05-01 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for marking devices as secondary
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd infrastructure for built-in plugins
2009-04-23 Marcel HoltmannExport active profile path and ident information
2009-04-23 Marcel HoltmannAdd hooks for saving and loading service details
2009-04-23 Marcel HoltmannAdd callbacks for service storage functions
2009-04-23 Marcel HoltmannAdd extra unique identifier to service object path
2009-04-23 Marcel HoltmannAdd functions for handling unique device identifiers
2009-04-23 Marcel HoltmannAdd initial steps for builtin plugins
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for service connect and disconnect methods
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannAdd helper function for no carrier error messages
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for service passphrase handling
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannFix broken mode and security string comparison
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannFix missing call to trigger service list resorting
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannAdd properties for WiFi services
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannFix handling of networks without a group name
2009-04-21 Marcel HoltmannFix broken service state change signal
2009-04-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd extra debug messages for service state changes
2009-04-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for service ready and disconnect state...
2009-04-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd function to retrieve device from an element
2009-04-21 Marcel HoltmannRename helper function to get device/network path
2009-04-21 Marcel HoltmannCheck that service is actually registered
2009-04-21 Marcel HoltmannSend signals for service state changes
2009-04-21 Marcel HoltmannFix carrier and disconnected interaction
2009-04-21 Marcel HoltmannOnly add WiFi and WiMAX networks to service list for now
2009-04-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd basic handling of configuration state