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[connman] / test /
2009-05-19 Marcel HoltmannAdd extra test script for listing services
2009-05-17 Marcel HoltmannUse "RSN" instead of "WPA2" for the security details
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd exception handling to some service method calls
2009-05-14 Marcel HoltmannMake sure favorite setting is properly loaded
2009-05-13 Marcel HoltmannSimplify the service monitoring test script
2009-05-12 Marcel HoltmannAdd a special test script to monitor service related...
2009-04-22 Marcel HoltmannAdd commands for service testing
2009-04-01 Marcel HoltmannIndicate the current active profile
2009-04-01 Marcel HoltmannHandle service list correctly
2009-04-01 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for listing service details
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannFix handling of missing name property
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannAdd setting for the network mode
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannExtend script for joining network with security options
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannFix network selection test scripts
2009-03-25 Marcel HoltmannInclude security setting for network selection
2009-03-25 Marcel HoltmannAdd test script for joining hidden networks
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannFix broken test script for network selection
2009-03-26 Marcel HoltmannAdd test script for setting device priorities
2009-03-11 Marcel HoltmannAdd more helpers for handling profile/service support
2009-01-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd more advanced test script for device handling
2009-01-20 Marcel HoltmannRename FlightMode to OfflineMode
2009-01-06 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for device priority setting
2009-01-06 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for showing flight mode
2009-01-05 Marcel HoltmannHandle cases for unknown network types
2009-01-04 Marcel HoltmannAdd script to debug element details
2008-12-30 Marcel HoltmannAdd test scripts for connecting and disconnecting networks
2008-12-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd cellular type to device's network list
2008-12-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd device argument to enable and disable scripts
2008-12-28 Marcel HoltmannAdd test script for changing device policy
2008-12-26 Marcel HoltmannConvert scripts using type lists
2008-12-23 Marcel HoltmannPrint signal strength as integer and not character
2008-12-21 Marcel HoltmannAdd test script for setting addresses
2008-12-16 Marcel HoltmannAdd Scanning property to device objects
2008-12-15 Marcel HoltmannPrint boolean properties as true or false
2008-12-15 Marcel HoltmannAdd script for selecting connections
2008-12-15 Marcel HoltmannHandle signal strength property
2008-12-15 Marcel HoltmannPrint networks more prettier and easier to read
2008-12-15 Marcel HoltmannPrint more manager details
2008-12-14 Marcel HoltmannAdd generic signal strength property
2008-12-13 Marcel HoltmannPrint signal strength as integer
2008-12-13 Marcel HoltmannFix usage of wrong network name property
2008-12-12 Marcel HoltmannPrint more detailed information about the signal
2008-12-12 Marcel HoltmannAdd script to monitor property changes
2008-12-09 Marcel HoltmannAdd test script for network creation
2008-12-09 Marcel HoltmannUse ProposeScan method
2008-12-09 Marcel HoltmannShow signal strength correctly and parse SSID value
2008-12-06 Marcel HoltmannInclude test-manager and leave test-supplicant out
2008-12-05 Marcel HoltmannDon't check non wireless devices
2008-12-04 Marcel HoltmannRemove outdated test scripts
2008-12-03 Marcel HoltmannUse device interface to trigger scanning
2008-12-03 Marcel HoltmannOnly introspect devices
2008-12-03 Marcel HoltmannUse network interface for connecting and disconnecting
2008-12-03 Marcel HoltmannAdd script for setting a passphrase
2008-12-03 Marcel HoltmannChange test scripts to use Powered property
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannUse global state property from manager interface
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannUpdate object variable to match its type
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannSeparate elements in device list
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannAdapter test script to new network interface
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannUse correct object name for device element
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannAdd test script for showing connection details
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannUse correct property for network name
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannUse correct interface name for device properties
2008-11-23 Marcel HoltmannUse WiFi.Name property for network selection
2008-11-19 Marcel HoltmannAdd script for testing manager interface
2008-11-19 Marcel HoltmannUse properties for profiles, devices and connections
2008-10-07 Marcel HoltmannAdd scripts for enabling/disabling devices
2008-10-07 Marcel HoltmannAdd script for monitoring network changes
2008-09-18 Marcel HoltmannFix broken Python statement
2008-09-16 Marcel HoltmannAlso scan on WiMAX devices
2008-08-11 Marcel HoltmannUse Enabled property instead of Connected
2008-08-11 Marcel HoltmannUse the element listing and filter by device type
2008-08-07 Marcel HoltmannAdd properties to the profile interface
2008-08-07 Marcel HoltmannShow the connected value for each network
2008-07-30 Marcel HoltmannFix broken start-scanning test script
2008-07-30 Marcel HoltmannAdd simple test script to monitor states
2008-07-30 Marcel HoltmannFix network selection and add network disconnect scripts
2008-07-30 Marcel HoltmannAdd test program to list current networks
2008-06-30 Marcel HoltmannFix wrong EXTRA_DIST statements
2008-06-29 Marcel HoltmannAdd first draft of new D-Bus API
2008-06-28 Marcel HoltmannUse org.moblin instead of org.freedesktop
2008-04-08 Marcel HoltmannUpdate scripts to handle new network methods
2008-04-07 Marcel HoltmannDecode Network Manager states into strings
2008-04-07 Marcel HoltmannAdd script to check the Network Manager compat layer
2008-04-07 Marcel HoltmannAdd simple script to show the master state
2008-04-04 Marcel HoltmannAdd script for seleting networks
2008-03-12 Marcel HoltmannAdd simple test script for D-Bus supplicant
2008-02-26 Marcel HoltmannAdd example for showing the full introspection data
2008-02-26 Marcel HoltmannAdd example for a simple agent
2008-02-26 Marcel HoltmannAdd example for starting scanning
2008-02-26 Marcel HoltmannAdd example for showing interfaces
2008-01-24 Marcel HoltmannAdd directory for example applications