2010-07-22 Tommi Aspupdated webpage master
2010-07-22 Tommi Aspimages to page 1.2
2010-07-22 Tommi Asppage update
2010-07-22 Tommi Aspupdated version to debian/changelog
2010-07-22 Tommi Aspadded wwwpage and changed structure
2010-07-18 Tommi Aspversion 1.2 first commit
2010-06-05 Tommi Aspempty searchdialog
2010-06-05 Tommi Aspempty searchdialog
2010-06-02 Tommi Asprelease for pr1.2
2010-06-02 Tommi Asprelease for maemo pr1.2
2010-05-06 Tommi Aspno rename failed for canceled renamedialog
2010-05-06 Tommi Aspshortcuts for commands
2010-05-06 Tommi Aspit works
2010-04-28 Tommi Asppossible fix for maemo fileselection problem
2010-04-28 Tommi Aspmodified to make working deb in pr 1.2 sdk for pr 1.1.1
2010-04-09 Tommi AspUse libqt4 instead of libqt4-maemo5
2010-04-09 Tommi Asp1.1 release
2010-04-09 Tommi Aspmodified for pr 1.2 relase
2010-04-09 Tommi AspAdded help and about dialogs and actions
2010-04-09 Tommi AspNo need for notes.txt
2010-04-09 Tommi AspCheck not to send directories via bluetooth
2010-04-09 Tommi AspAdded context menu for filelistwidget
2010-04-09 Tommi AspFixed bluetooth sending, no need to "copy" files first
2010-04-09 Tommi AspFixed compiling in other platforms than maemo5
2010-04-09 Tommi AspNew filestructure with debian dir for packaking
2010-04-09 Tommi AspClear for new file structure
2010-03-22 Tommi AspInitial commit
2010-03-22 rootwelcome