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last changeSat, 25 Dec 2010 18:44:27 +0000 (20:44 +0200)
2010-12-25 Konstantin... Revert "Makefile: set architecture to build to armel" master
2010-12-25 Konstantin... changelog updated v1.5.2
2010-12-25 Konstantin... Makefile: set architecture to build to armel
2010-12-25 Konstantin... Makefile: debuild and publish targets
2010-12-25 Konstantin... Makefile: do not push version tag to origin on build
2010-12-25 Konstantin... added python to build depends
2010-12-23 Konstantin... git attributes and helper scripts
2010-12-23 Konstantin... version from git filters
2010-12-22 Konstantin... Makefile: use more busybox compatible commands
2010-12-22 Konstantin... changelog updated v1.5.1
2010-12-22 Konstantin... fixed undefined property auto args related error
2010-12-22 Konstantin... Makefile: tarball target to build source tarball
2010-12-22 Konstantin... changelog format fix
2010-12-22 Konstantin... changelog updated v1.5.0
2010-12-22 Konstantin... Makefile: fixed shell syntax error
2010-12-22 Konstantin... documentation updated
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