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last changeWed, 3 Jun 2009 02:15:21 +0000 (21:15 -0500)
2009-06-03 Ed PageMinor updates being taken in from Dialcentral master
2009-05-07 Ed PageSome changelist stuff
2009-05-06 Ed PageA note on a place for inspiration
2009-05-05 Ed PageTaking in changes from other projects
2009-04-27 Ed PageRemoving some unused menu items
2009-04-27 Ed PageFixing some load/save issues with filebackend
2009-04-26 Ed PageAdding the file backend as a choice in the UI
2009-04-26 Ed PageReorging the code. Don't worry, no layoffs
2009-04-25 Ed PageFixing a bug in the original rtm api I found
2009-04-25 Ed PageBreaking out the common view code for prepping file...
2009-04-25 Ed PageUpdating the raise style used in the rtm library Im...
2009-04-25 Ed PageMinor cleaning up of the new read code
2009-04-25 Ed PageTried out an optimization that didn't seem to work.
2009-04-25 Ed PageBreaking the read into a seperate function make it...
2009-04-25 Ed PageOops, messed up on the error message
2009-04-25 Ed PageFound the problem with the randomly bad data returned...
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