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2011-01-20 Stefanos HarhalakisOoops... that should be v1.0.
2011-01-20 Stefanos HarhalakisAlso change text to link to bugzilla.
2011-01-20 Stefanos Harhalakisv1.1
2011-01-20 Stefanos HarhalakisIt works!
2011-01-18 Stefanos Harhalakiscleanup
2011-01-18 Stefanos HarhalakisImplement icon resizing.
2011-01-14 Stefanos Harhalakisv0.9.2
2011-01-14 Stefanos HarhalakisReset the rotation mode on expose event in case the...
2011-01-14 Stefanos HarhalakisFix old-config loading.
2011-01-14 Stefanos HarhalakisAvoid problems with orientation
2011-01-14 Stefanos HarhalakisFix for config saving.
2011-01-14 Stefanos HarhalakisImplemented theme-bg option.
2011-01-13 Stefanos HarhalakisAdded logging capability if /tmp/drlaunch.log is present.
2010-08-12 Stefanos HarhalakisAdded redirect_err() for easier debugging.
2010-08-10 Stefanos HarhalakisChange defaults to 'no longpress' and 'rotate icons...
2010-08-08 Stefanos HarhalakisRemoved a print.
2010-08-08 Stefanos Harhalakisv0.7
2010-08-08 Stefanos HarhalakisFix the double-rotation bug.
2010-08-08 Stefanos HarhalakisRestore's abilities to rotate windows.
2010-08-08 Stefanos HarhalakisDisable animation when doing config.
2010-08-05 Stefanos HarhalakisBetter rotation timers.
2010-08-05 Stefanos HarhalakisAdded about dialog.
2010-08-03 Stefanos HarhalakisAdded support for saving/loading 'animate' option.
2010-08-03 Stefanos HarhalakisAdded support for 8x4 grid by reducing spacing to 36...
2010-08-03 Stefanos HarhalakisFaster icon rotation using various cachings
2010-08-02 Stefanos HarhalakisOnly create one instance of dbus.
2010-08-02 Stefanos HarhalakisAdded animation for icon rotation.
2010-07-18 Stefanos HarhalakisAlso handle "Type" from .desktop files.
2010-07-18 Stefanos Harhalakisv0.5
2010-07-18 Stefanos HarhalakisFixed resizing issue.
2010-07-18 Stefanos HarhalakisImproved application selection.
2010-07-18 Stefanos HarhalakisAllow configuration to work with long-press too.
2010-07-18 Stefanos HarhalakisProperly handle apps without an icon or with an invalid...
2010-07-18 Stefanos HarhalakisBug fix (thanks to qwerty12 @
2010-07-16 Stefanos HarhalakisFix.
2010-07-16 Stefanos HarhalakisBug fix.
2010-07-16 Stefanos HarhalakisFix bug when opening/closing keyboard and orientation...
2010-07-16 Stefanos HarhalakisMultiple instance support.
2010-07-16 Stefanos HarhalakisFix old-version loading.
2010-06-28 Stefanos HarhalakisAdded single-click support.
2010-06-28 Stefanos Harhalakis(no commit message)
2010-06-24 Stefanos Harhalakisclean-ups
2010-06-24 Stefanos Harhalakis(no commit message)
2010-06-24 Stefanos Harhalakis(no commit message)
2010-06-24 Stefanos HarhalakisAdded version to
2010-06-24 Stefanos Harhalakis(no commit message)
2010-06-24 Stefanos Harhalakis(no commit message)
2010-06-24 Stefanos HarhalakisMoved into src.