2011-10-04 Javier S. Pedroworkaround a problem with the harmattan gcc master
2011-08-23 Javier S. Pedroadd some fixes for hwsurfaces
2011-08-23 Javier S. Pedromisc fixes for better gdb
2011-08-19 Javier S. Pedroremove unneeded arm routines
2011-08-19 Javier S. Pedroadd multitouch fixes
2011-08-03 Javier S. Pedroadding screenshot to savestate files
2011-08-03 Javier S. Pedropng screenshot support
2011-01-30 Javier S. Pedroincrease input poll frequency
2011-01-19 Javier S. Pedroremoving unused zip creating support
2011-01-19 Javier S. Pedrofix minor warning
2011-01-19 Javier S. Pedroremoving bool8_32 type
2011-01-19 Javier S. Pedroremoving lots of unused code
2011-01-19 Javier S. Pedrocompletely remove paletted color support
2011-01-19 Javier S. Pedrofixing amd64 crash
2010-12-22 Javier S. Pedrotrivial amd64 implementation of memcpy32
2010-12-22 Javier S. Pedrominor code trimming and reformatting
2010-07-16 Javier S. Pedrorenamed i18n folder to po per Transifex requeriment
2010-07-16 Javier S. Pedroadding Transifex token
2010-07-16 javierAdded czech translation by fri
2010-04-04 Javier S. Pedromore properly handling new haa semantics
2010-04-04 Javier S. Pedroimport translations
2010-04-04 Javier S. Pedroupdating to new sdl_haa api
2010-04-03 Javier S. PedroMerge branch 'master' of https://git.maemo.org/projects...
2010-04-03 Javier S. Pedrotemporarily removed zeemote support
2010-03-29 Tomasz Dominikowskil10n: Updates to Polish (pl) translation
2010-03-27 Robert Hägerströml10n: Updates to Swedish (sv) translation
2010-03-22 Javier S. Pedrofix for invalid bugtracker line drnoksnes_1_3_3
2010-03-22 Javier S. Pedrominor fix for gui-less building
2010-03-21 Javier S. Pedrofixing diablo zeemote gui drnoksnes_1_3_2
2010-03-21 Javier S. Pedrofixing zeemote without keyboard bug
2010-03-20 Javier S. Pedrominor sound renderer cleanup
2010-03-20 Javier S. Pedroadding omit-frame-pointer to cflags
2010-03-20 Javier S. Pedroremoving some compiler warnings
2010-03-20 Javier S. Pedroreducing size of gfx state, cleanup
2010-03-20 Javier S. Pedroimproved zeemote driver
2010-03-13 Javier S. Pedrobumping to 1.3.2
2010-03-13 Javier S. Pedrotranslating keyboard mappings dialog
2010-03-12 Javier S. Pedroadding a fremantle screenshot
2010-03-12 Javier S. Pedroupdating site
2010-03-12 Javier S. Pedroimporting zeemote driver drnoksnes_1_3_1
2010-03-12 Javier S. Pedrozeemote gui
2010-03-12 Javier S. Pedroupdating translations
2010-03-12 Javier S. Pedrosdd1 support
2010-03-12 Javier S. Pedrosingle zeemote support
2010-02-21 Javier S. Pedrocleaning fremantle gui
2010-02-16 Tomasz Dominikowskil10n: Updates to Polish (pl) translation
2010-02-10 Javier S. Pedroupdating webpage list drnoksnes_1_3_0
2010-02-10 Javier S. Pedrofix fremantle build
2010-02-10 Philipp Zabell10n: Updates to German (de) translation
2010-02-08 Javier S. Pedroupdating es translation
2010-02-08 Javier S. Pedrodisabling touchscreen input by default
2010-02-08 Javier S. Pedrobit of cleaning
2010-02-08 Javier S. Pedroonscreen diagonals
2010-02-08 Javier S. Pedroallow player 2 touchscreen controls
2010-02-08 Javier S. Pedrobumping to 1.3.0
2010-02-08 Javier S. Pedroread player 2 keymap from gconf
2010-02-08 Javier S. Pedroremoving now unneeded dir from package
2010-02-08 Javier S. Pedrodiablo controls dialog
2010-02-08 Javier S. Pedrodiablo GUI building again
2010-02-08 Javier S. Pedroadding actual player 2 support
2010-02-08 Javier S. Pedrodisabling exceptions
2010-02-08 Javier S. Pedroconfig file two players (in progress)
2010-02-02 Javier S. Pedrofixing haa fullscreen issue
2010-02-02 Javier S. Pedrorandom bug fixes
2010-02-01 Javier S. Pedrofixing sv & es translations headers
2010-02-01 Javier S. Pedroupdating es translation
2010-02-01 Javier S. Pedroadd saver setting to gui & cli
2010-02-01 Javier S. Pedroadding new "saver" setting
2010-01-31 Javier S. PedroMerge branch 'master' of https://git.maemo.org/projects...
2010-01-31 Javier S. Pedroremoved dependency on hildon-games-wrapper
2010-01-28 Philipp Zabell10n: l10n: Added German translation
2010-01-28 Robert Hägerströml10n: Swedish translation
2010-01-27 Tomasz Dominikowskil10n: Added Polish translation
2010-01-26 Javier S. Pedrouploading i18n template
2010-01-26 Javier S. Pedrorenaming es_ES translation to es
2010-01-26 Javier S. Pedronew controls dialog; using gconf instead of hgw
2010-01-21 Javier S. Pedrousing new sdl_haa library
2010-01-19 Javier S. Pedroupdating changelog
2010-01-07 Javier S. Pedro"stashing" stuff in a stupid way for 1.2.5
2010-01-03 Javier S. Pedroadding exit button
2010-01-03 Javier S. Pedrosupport for nonsquare scalers
2010-01-03 Javier S. Pedrosome magic with stackable windows
2009-12-31 Javier S. Pedrofix armel build issues
2009-12-31 Javier S. Pedromore settings dialog tests
2009-12-31 Javier S. Pedrotranslating
2009-12-31 Javier S. Pedrofixing banner
2009-12-30 Javier S. Pedroinitial scaler selector in gui
2009-12-30 Javier S. Pedroformatting issue
2009-12-30 Javier S. Pedrohildon scalers implemented
2009-12-27 Javier S. Pedronew artwork by wazd (thanks!)
2009-12-26 Javier S. Pedronon-composited mode
2009-11-17 Javier S. Pedrominor spc changes
2009-10-19 Javier S. Pedrofix most compiler code style warnings
2009-10-19 Javier S. Pedrohandle window focus to disable xsp
2009-10-19 Javier S. Pedrocan now build outside maemo
2009-10-11 Javier S. Pedrooptifying only in maemo5 drnoksnes_1_2_4
2009-10-11 Javier S. Pedromaemo-optify in build-depends
2009-10-11 Javier S. Pedroconfigure script now cleans
2009-10-11 Javier S. Pedroadded configure script
2009-10-11 Javier S. Pedrooptifying