2011-11-26 maemoAdded include for QTimer in header file. master easylist-0.3.31
2011-11-26 Willem LiuChanged changelog easylist-0.3.30
2011-11-26 Willem LiuImproved keep backlight on code a bit. Timer is started...
2011-11-08 Willem LiuMerged branch from Adekker. Added Thanks to Ade in... easylist-0.3.29
2011-11-07 Arno DekkerAdded the button to keep the backlight on during the...
2011-11-06 Willem LiuAdded prompt for deleting list. develop easylist-0.3.28
2011-05-05 Willem LiuChanged control file easylist-0.3.27
2011-05-05 Willem LiuAdded confirmation prompt when deleting List.
2011-05-03 Willem LiuChanged changelog.txt easylist-0.3.26
2011-05-03 Willem LiuChanged changelog.txt
2011-05-03 Willem LiuChanged sync url and sync website url.
2011-05-03 Willem LiuChanged default sync url.
2011-05-03 Willem LiuAdded some minor improvements to about box.
2011-04-30 Willem LiuChangelogs easylist-0.3.25
2011-04-30 Willem LiuRemoved pro.user file
2011-04-30 Willem LiuOpen external links enabled for tip label in Sync setti...
2011-04-30 Willem LiuAdded brackets, I like to see scopes of code.
2011-04-30 Willem LiuAccidentally removed shown(). Now put back.
2011-04-30 Willem LiuFew code formatting changes.
2011-04-30 Willem LiuFixed merge conflict merge-requests/1
2011-04-30 Willem LiuSome minor changes
2011-04-29 Elias WoodsAdd allow settings apply button to take effect in curre...
2011-04-29 Elias WoodsRemove user config from git repo
2011-04-29 Elias WoodsAdd better settings management and post existing list...
2011-04-29 Willem LiuChanged changelog.txt easylist-0.3.24
2011-04-29 Willem LiuAdded a label with help
2011-04-29 Willem LiuAdded sync functionality
2011-04-29 Willem LiuAdded sync functionality with website. willemliu.nl...
2011-04-28 Willem LiuAdded donation plug in about box
2011-04-28 Willem LiuPrepared for version 0.3.24
2011-04-27 Willem LiuVersion 0.3.23. Setup for PR1.3. easylist-0.3.23
2010-10-26 Willem LiuRepackaged to reduce size
2010-10-26 Willem LiuAdded some files. Message dialog pops up when clearing...
2010-10-21 Willem LiuFixed some bugs
2010-10-20 Willem LiuChanged control file
2010-10-20 Willem LiuAdded multiple list support.
2010-10-05 Willem LiuChanged description in control
2010-10-05 Willem LiuChanged description in control
2010-10-05 Willem LiuChanged changelog. easylist-0.3.13
2010-09-29 Willem LiuFixed sort a-z bug which caused list to disappear when... easylist-0.3.11
2010-09-28 Willem LiuAdded changelog.txt. Backup changelog
2010-09-28 Willem LiuAlphabetical sorting now ignores case. Checked items... easylist-0.3.10
2010-09-26 Willem LiuAdded sort alphabetically. Changed Checked bottom to... easylist-0.3.9
2010-09-24 Willem LiuExtra auto orientation
2010-09-24 Willem LiuAdded auto orientation checkable menu item
2010-09-22 Willem LiuFixed include. easylist-0.3.8
2010-09-22 Willem LiuChanged code drastically. Support transition effect...
2010-09-16 Willem LiuChanged changelog, copyright. Support for sorting check...
2010-09-15 Willem LiuAdded optify file
2010-09-14 Willem LiuScrollbarAsNeeded
2010-09-14 Willem LiuChanged project file.
2010-09-14 Willem LiuChanged logos. Now saves checked items. Checked items...
2010-09-14 Willem LiuNow remembers the display orientation so pressing Rotat...
2010-09-14 Willem LiuNow starting with keyboard opened won't overwrite the...
2010-09-14 Willem LiuChanged project files
2010-09-14 Willem LiuChanged project files
2010-09-14 Willem LiuMerge remote branch 'maemo/master'
2010-09-13 rootwelcome
2010-09-13 Willem LiuFirst commit