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last changeSat, 26 Nov 2011 13:49:03 +0000 (08:49 -0500)
2011-11-26 maemoAdded include for QTimer in header file. master easylist-0.3.31
2011-11-26 Willem LiuChanged changelog easylist-0.3.30
2011-11-26 Willem LiuImproved keep backlight on code a bit. Timer is started...
2011-11-08 Willem LiuMerged branch from Adekker. Added Thanks to Ade in... easylist-0.3.29
2011-11-07 Arno DekkerAdded the button to keep the backlight on during the...
2011-11-06 Willem LiuAdded prompt for deleting list. develop easylist-0.3.28
2011-05-05 Willem LiuChanged control file easylist-0.3.27
2011-05-05 Willem LiuAdded confirmation prompt when deleting List.
2011-05-03 Willem LiuChanged changelog.txt easylist-0.3.26
2011-05-03 Willem LiuChanged changelog.txt
2011-05-03 Willem LiuChanged sync url and sync website url.
2011-05-03 Willem LiuChanged default sync url.
2011-05-03 Willem LiuAdded some minor improvements to about box.
2011-04-30 Willem LiuChangelogs easylist-0.3.25
2011-04-30 Willem LiuRemoved pro.user file
2011-04-30 Willem LiuOpen external links enabled for tip label in Sync setti...
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