2011-08-13 Ed PageAll distros bump to 1.0.7-6 master
2011-08-13 Ed PageFinal bump to get an icon (even if I am doing it wrong)
2011-08-13 Ed PageFixing the icon path
2011-08-13 Ed PageAnother harmattan-only build
2011-08-13 Ed PageBefore I switched from the red square icon to the green...
2011-08-13 Ed PageBump for more icon work
2011-08-13 Ed PageForcing absolute path for icons like other people
2011-08-13 Ed PageBump for icon harmattan build
2011-08-13 Ed PageTweaking things trying to get icons to work
2011-08-13 Ed PageAnother harmattan-only bump
2011-08-13 Ed PageFixing obs_upload for running within Make
2011-08-13 Ed PageRemoving the build dir
2011-08-12 Ed PageSeparating out phony targets to make my life easier
2011-08-12 Ed PageFixing a weird makefile breakage
2011-08-12 Ed PageBumped purely for the OBS release
2011-08-12 Ed PageFixing deps
2011-08-12 Ed PageSwitching to the built-in json module, with a fallback...
2011-08-12 Ed PageFixing upload support
2011-08-12 Ed PageUpload to OBS for Harmattan
2011-08-11 Ed PageBump to 1.0.7-0
2011-08-11 Ed PageEnabling PySide support
2011-08-11 Ed PageFixing a bug with pie keyboards that PySide exposes
2011-08-11 Ed PageFirst attempt at XDG support
2011-08-10 Ed PageBump to 1.0.6-12
2011-08-10 Ed PageFixing icon sizing
2011-08-10 Ed PageUpdates to unused code
2011-08-10 Ed PageMinor cleanups
2011-08-10 Ed PageBump to 1.0.6-11
2011-08-10 Ed PageFixing Fremantle deps to actually use PyQt4 seeing...
2011-08-09 Ed PageBump to 1.0.6-10
2011-08-09 Ed Pageproviding more sane defaults
2011-08-09 Ed PageRemoving the scalable icon to try to fix icon issues...
2011-08-08 Ed PageBump to 1.0.6-9
2011-08-08 Ed PageBump to 1.0.6-8
2011-08-08 Ed PageReducing the main icons included and putting in the...
2011-08-06 Ed PageBump to 1.0.6-7
2011-08-06 Ed PageFixing the data reference
2011-08-06 Ed Page1.0.6-6
2011-08-06 Ed PageTrying to fix icons
2011-08-06 Ed PageTrying to fix the grabbing of data files
2011-08-06 Ed PageImproving logging
2011-08-06 Ed PageBump to 1.0.6-5
2011-08-06 Ed PageMinor size improvement for desktop files
2011-08-06 Ed PageCustomizing the install location to use a fixed path...
2011-08-06 Ed PageFixing the desktop file for where the bin actually...
2011-08-05 Ed PageBump to 1.0.6-4
2011-08-05 Ed PageFixing installation path for desktop file
2011-08-05 Ed PageFixing dependencies
2011-08-05 Ed PageBump to 1.0.6-2
2011-08-05 Ed PagePackaging work
2011-08-04 Ed PageSpeeding up toggle of pyside/pyqt
2011-08-04 Ed PageFirst pass at packaging for Harmattan
2011-07-07 Ed PageUpdate from skeleton
2011-02-26 Ed PageSwitching to a rotating log
2011-02-24 Ed PageSpecifying category
2011-01-13 Ed PageBump to 1.0.6
2011-01-13 Ed PageBump to 1.0.5
2011-01-13 Ed PageFixing error display in landscape
2011-01-13 Ed PageBump to 1.0.4
2011-01-13 Ed PageReducing redraws when going through the rotations
2011-01-13 Ed PageFixing scroll to bottom on startup
2011-01-13 Ed PageUpdating the trig keyboard to have numbers
2011-01-13 Ed PageTrying to better optimize the programmer calculator
2011-01-13 Ed PageFirst pass at numbers on computer keyboard
2011-01-13 Ed PageImproving error reporting
2011-01-12 Ed PageBump to 1.0.3
2011-01-12 Ed PageVisual indication of button presses
2011-01-12 Ed PageWith code changes, this is now unneeded
2011-01-12 Ed PageCentering the items on the button
2011-01-12 Ed PageSwitching to QStyle drawing
2011-01-12 Ed PageFixing a bug of missing module
2011-01-12 Ed PageSetting title and changing portrait tab location
2011-01-12 Ed PageRemoving what looks to be dead code
2011-01-12 Ed PageConsolidating the role of some code
2011-01-12 Ed PagePersist orientation
2011-01-12 Ed PageCentering the pie buttons
2011-01-12 Ed PageRemoving the boundaries on the slices
2011-01-12 Ed PagePorting to qwrappers
2011-01-12 Ed PageLayout adjustment
2011-01-12 Ed PagePulling in skeleton code
2010-12-29 Ed PagePulling in some changes from the skeleton
2010-12-18 Ed PageBump to 1.0.2
2010-11-09 Ed PageHaving history take up less horizontal space
2010-10-02 Ed PageMoving the webpage to the wiki
2010-09-10 Ed PagePadding, changing key symbols, size improvements, etc
2010-08-25 Ed PageMoving pie menus into the utils
2010-07-17 Ed PageUpdating screenshots
2010-07-16 Ed PageBump to 1.0.1-0
2010-07-16 Ed PageMaemo 4.1 has an older Qt without fromTheme, so let...
2010-07-16 Ed PageBumping to 1.0.0-2
2010-07-16 Ed PageBump to 1.0.0
2010-07-16 Ed PagePolishing things up
2010-07-15 Ed PageFiling in icons to work better on dark backgrounds
2010-07-15 Ed PageCleaning up dead code
2010-07-15 Ed PageUpdating todos
2010-07-15 Ed PageFixing the text color on dark backgrounds, updating...
2010-07-14 Ed PageReporting bug and adjusting keyboard layouts
2010-07-14 Ed PageNoting some issues
2010-07-14 Ed PageIf editing isn't supported (Maemo 5 it seems) then...
2010-07-14 Ed PageAdding a delay to poping up the pie menu