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last changeSat, 13 Aug 2011 21:55:33 +0000 (16:55 -0500)
2011-08-13 Ed PageAll distros bump to 1.0.7-6 master
2011-08-13 Ed PageFinal bump to get an icon (even if I am doing it wrong)
2011-08-13 Ed PageFixing the icon path
2011-08-13 Ed PageAnother harmattan-only build
2011-08-13 Ed PageBefore I switched from the red square icon to the green...
2011-08-13 Ed PageBump for more icon work
2011-08-13 Ed PageForcing absolute path for icons like other people
2011-08-13 Ed PageBump for icon harmattan build
2011-08-13 Ed PageTweaking things trying to get icons to work
2011-08-13 Ed PageAnother harmattan-only bump
2011-08-13 Ed PageFixing obs_upload for running within Make
2011-08-13 Ed PageRemoving the build dir
2011-08-12 Ed PageSeparating out phony targets to make my life easier
2011-08-12 Ed PageFixing a weird makefile breakage
2011-08-12 Ed PageBumped purely for the OBS release
2011-08-12 Ed PageFixing deps
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