daemon: double check that the display is locked before speaking
[espeaktime] / debian /
2010-06-21 Alex Badeadebian: release version 0.5
2010-06-21 Alex Badeadebian: add Maemo-Icon to package header
2010-06-21 Alex Badeadata: add logo image
2010-06-21 Alex Badeadebian: update package description
2010-06-21 Alex Badeadebian: set bugtracker link to the garage.maemo.org...
2010-06-20 Alex Badeadebian prerm: note TODO on cleaning up gconf entries
2010-06-20 Alex Badeadebian: produce a single binary package
2010-06-20 Alex Badeaapplet: read/write config values via gconf
2010-06-17 Alex BadeaAdd skeleton settings applet, in its own binary package
2010-06-13 Alex Badeadebian: release version 0.4-2
2010-06-13 Alex Badeadebian: release version 0.4-1
2010-06-13 Alex Badeadebian: release version 0.4
2010-06-13 Alex BadeaDrop gst-play-event, as well as gstreamer and pulseaudi...
2010-06-11 Alex Badeadebian: package gst-play-event
2010-06-11 Alex Badeadebian: new minor release
2010-06-11 Alex BadeaAdd: gst-play-event Silent-proof media player
2010-06-10 Alex Badeabuild: simplify installation of espeaktime-now.sh
2010-06-10 Alex BadeaRemove python daemon, superseded by C daemon.
2010-06-10 Alex BadeaImport daemon source, and adjust build
2010-06-08 Alex BadeaSet debian/optify to "auto"
2010-06-08 Alex BadeaAdd autoconf
2010-06-07 Alex BadeaSkeleton debian package