2010-06-21 jasuChanglod update, homescreen loader dependency updated master
2010-05-25 jasuPR1.2 support and changelog entry
2010-05-24 jasuIndicate press event v0.1.0
2010-05-23 jasuModify changelog
2010-05-23 jasuIndicate loading, refresh info on tap
2010-05-23 jasuAdd training state
2010-05-23 jasuIndicate loading state, fix cache time parsing
2010-05-23 jasuRemove qtmobility macro
2010-05-23 jasuFix include
2010-05-23 jasuUpdate changelog
2010-05-23 Jaakko KyröRemove qt mobility
2010-05-23 jasuRemove QT mobility use
2010-05-23 jasuupdate changelog v0.0.4
2010-05-23 jasucheck that last update is later than now
2010-05-23 jasuAdd timer to update text color
2010-05-23 jasuYellow text color if training queue has room for more...
2010-05-22 jasuUse skill queue, change background color according...
2010-05-22 jasuLoad skill queue instead of current skill
2010-05-22 jasuLoad skill queue instead of current skill
2010-05-22 jasuChangelog updated
2010-05-12 Jaakko KyröAdd icon, description and bugtracker to packaging
2010-05-11 jasuEven more build-depends
2010-05-11 jasuAdd libx11-dev to build-depends
2010-05-11 jasuCategory is desktop, add description
2010-05-11 jasuMore changes
2010-05-11 jasudon't refresh if cache period hasn't passed
2010-05-11 jasuMake cachedUntil public
2010-05-11 jasuParsing fix
2010-05-11 jasuHonor cachedUntil when fetching current skill
2010-05-11 jasuUse queue time instead of local time when setting up...
2010-05-11 jasuSave skill tree, delete reply
2010-05-11 jasuAdd current time
2010-05-11 jasuMark datetimes as UTC, refactor parsing, delete reply...
2010-05-10 jasuAdd build-depends, bump version
2010-05-10 jasuCheck for existing skill training, detect if there...
2010-05-10 jasuParse skillInTraining element
2010-05-10 jasuAdd timer for refreshing training
2010-05-08 Jaakko KyröVersion bump 0.0.2
2010-05-08 jasuFix character loading and typo in settings keys
2010-05-08 jasuDelete unnecessary files
2010-05-08 jasuSettings are now persistent
2010-05-08 jasuAdd test case for loading & saving
2010-05-07 Jaakko KyröAdd homepage 0.0.1
2010-05-07 Jaakko KyröAdd copyright info
2010-05-07 Jaakko KyröAdd copying and licence information
2010-05-07 Jaakko KyröInitial code
2010-05-07 Jaakko KyröRemove
2010-05-07 rootwelcome