2012-01-29 Yves Marcozpsa: remove old event feed items master
2012-01-28 Yves Marcozpsa: improve selection of items not to be displayed...
2012-01-28 Yves Marcozpsa: adding toggle to show/hide specific feed on Event...
2012-01-28 Yves Marcozpsa: Adding notifications to even feed screen
2012-01-24 Yves Marcozpsa: more fixes if wc unavailable
2012-01-24 Yves Marcozpsa: fix wc().available() call
2012-01-24 Yves Marcozpsa: Removed some debug messages.
2012-01-24 Yves Marcozpsa: adding missing opml_lib library
2012-01-24 Yves Marcozpsa: improve nagivation using 2 flickables
2012-01-22 Yves Marcozfix ObjectExistsError when not using woodchuck
2012-01-15 Yves Marcozpsa: using 2 flickables
2012-01-13 Yves Marcozpsa: test with flipable
2012-01-12 Yves Marcozpsa: scrolling only right
2012-01-10 Yves Marcozpsa: added onlyUnread parameter for getNext/PreviousID
2012-01-10 Yves Marcozpsa: added Int settings function, and next/prev ids
2012-01-06 Yves Marcozpsa: added article list and display font settings
2012-01-06 Yves Marcozpsa: added new get functions.
2012-01-06 Yves Marcozpsa: fix typo
2012-01-06 Yves Marcozpsa: Full width articles
2012-01-06 Yves MarcozMerge branch 'master' of https://git.maemo.org/projects...
2012-01-03 Yvespsa: Fixed article view jumping back to a previously...
2012-01-03 Yvesbumped extra-devel version number
2012-01-02 Yves Marcozpsa: port previous 3 fixes to harmattan version
2011-12-29 Neal H. WalfieldWhen extracting the date, don't die if a field is inval...
2011-12-29 Neal H. WalfieldWhen fetching updateInterval, read it as a float not...
2011-12-29 Neal H. WalfieldFix typo accessing woodchuck handle.
2011-12-24 Yves Marcozharmonized maemo/harmattan src files
2011-12-23 Yves MarcozReworked config dialog
2011-12-23 Yves MarcozBumped version number for Maemo 5 release
2011-12-23 Yves MarcozUpdated tips-and-tricks page link
2011-12-23 Yves MarcozChanged intro popup
2011-12-22 YvesDisable app-based auto-update (application left running)
2011-12-10 Neal H. WalfieldWhen checking if an article has been updated, compare...
2011-12-10 Neal H. WalfieldEnsure that the string passed to md5 is 7-bit clean.
2011-12-10 Neal H. WalfieldFix implementation of feed.getContent.
2011-12-09 Yvespsa: added splash screen
2011-11-30 Yves Marcozpsa: new icon, increased listing font size
2011-11-29 Yvespsa: Added sharing menu item for articles
2011-11-29 Yves Marcozpsa: fix updateBar
2011-11-29 Yvespsa: fix updateBar
2011-11-28 Yves MarcozMerge commit '407ee23a0fd8e0f00f7c41d83ae6fa4007ca229b'
2011-11-27 Neal H. Walfieldupdate_feeds: On exit, indicate that everything is...
2011-11-27 Neal H. WalfieldFix ArchivedArticles' update function.
2011-11-27 Yves MarcozMerge commit '95b2b55820745606cc7dae2df4fbbb214eeb161c'
2011-11-27 Yves Marcozpsa: added progress bar for updates
2011-11-27 Neal H. WalfieldAsk the user whether they'd like to install Woodchuck.
2011-11-27 Neal H. WalfieldProvide a configuration to enable/disable scheduling...
2011-11-27 Neal H. WalfieldMake opening a browser window a top-level function.
2011-11-27 Neal H. WalfieldWoodchuck: Set a stream's freshness according to the...
2011-11-27 Neal H. WalfieldMake "every 8 hours" a possible update interval.
2011-11-27 Neal H. WalfieldMake config file parsing more robust.
2011-11-27 Neal H. WalfieldSet the woodchuck update interval according to the...
2011-11-25 Yvespsa: small fix dbus updates
2011-11-24 Yvespsa: Added update notification in UI
2011-11-23 Yves Marcozpsa: fixed configdir value
2011-11-23 Yves Marcozpsa: added automatic updates
2011-11-22 Yves Marcozpsa: implemented settings
2011-11-17 Yves Marcoz0.9.1-3 - Fixed Archived Articles update
2011-11-16 Yves Marcoz0.9.1-2 for extras-devel
2011-11-08 Yves Marcozpsa: improved add feed/categories dialog
2011-11-07 Yves Marcozpsa: made text more readable for n950
2011-11-05 Yves MarcozMerge commit 'afee77cd5721bd863a8a4649e7bec8b964547e3e'
2011-11-05 Neal H. WalfieldFix img detection.
2011-11-05 Neal H. WalfieldWhen parsing a feed update: don't die if the version...
2011-11-05 Neal H. WalfieldWhen an article is updated, save the update.
2011-11-03 Yves Marcozpsa: Added AddFeed dialog
2011-11-01 Yves Marcozqml - Improving menu layout
2011-10-28 Yvespsa: fix feeds not showing up in some cases
2011-10-26 Yves MarcozQml support for harmattan version improved
2011-10-25 Yves MarcozAdding PageStack support in qml
2011-10-20 Neal H. WalfieldDrop unnecessary imports.
2011-10-20 Neal H. WalfieldIf Woodchuck initialization fails, handle the error...
2011-10-20 Neal H. WalfieldIf Woodchuck schedules an object transfer, tell it...
2011-10-20 Neal H. WalfieldFix spelling: it's logger.debug, not log.
2011-10-20 Neal H. WalfieldMake woodchuck upcalls future proof.
2011-10-20 Neal H. WalfieldIf the image tag does not contain a src parameter,...
2011-10-19 YvesRemove .pyc files
2011-10-15 Yves MarcozMerge branch 'master' of https://git.maemo.org/projects...
2011-10-15 Yves MarcozAdding wip version for meego harmattan
2011-09-20 YvesFix exception catching when woodchuck is not installed
2011-09-20 YvesFix download feed for FeedingIt-Web.py
2011-09-19 Yves MarcozMerge remote-tracking branch 'woodchuck/master'
2011-09-19 Neal H. WalfieldWhen computing the progress, avoid division by zero.
2011-09-19 Yves MarcozMerge branch 'master' of https://git.maemo.org/projects...
2011-09-14 Neal H. WalfieldWhen computing the progress, avoid division by zero.
2011-09-14 Neal H. WalfieldChange addImage to not throw an exception but return...
2011-09-14 Neal H. WalfieldFix cache management.
2011-09-08 Neal H. WalfieldDon't reprocess downloaded articles that are already...
2011-09-08 Neal H. Walfieldrss_sqlite: When update a feed: improve statistics...
2011-09-08 Neal H. WalfieldDo less important start up configuration after the...
2011-09-08 Neal H. WalfieldIf initializing the Woodchuck connection fails, just...
2011-09-08 Neal H. WalfieldModify the DisplayFeed widget so it need not be destroyed.
2011-09-06 Neal H. WalfieldCache data needed to build the feed and feeds overviews.
2011-09-06 Neal H. WalfieldChange Listing.getFeedUpdateTime to return a relative...
2011-09-06 Neal H. WalfieldCorrectly set update time to never.
2011-09-06 Neal H. WalfieldSet the orientation before showing the main window.
2011-09-05 Neal H. WalfieldWhen creating a closure, correctly capture any required...
2011-09-05 Neal H. WalfieldMake addImage more robust.
2011-09-05 Neal H. WalfieldIn downloader, not check if progress_handler == False...
2011-09-05 Neal H. WalfieldFix call to addImage.