2009-03-01 WallMerge branch 'Wall/master' master releases/0.1.0
2009-03-01 Alexandr Popovfixing problem with colomn resize
2009-03-01 WallPropertiesDialog: moved init code to parent's init...
2009-03-01 Wallfixed some pylint warnings
2009-03-01 Wallmade script shorter
2009-03-01 Wallrules: build .pyo files
2009-03-01 Wallclean egg build directory
2009-03-01 Wallstop using auto-generated script
2009-02-28 Wallfixed usage of global variable app
2009-02-28 Walladded dependency to package with pkg_resources
2009-02-28 Wallrenamed script
2009-02-28 Wallused setuptools auto-generated script
2009-02-28 Walldebian/postinst: small code improvement
2009-02-28 Eugene Gagarinupdating icon cache only on first install
2009-02-28 Wallremoved flsize variable
2009-02-28 Wallfixed docstrings
2009-02-28 Eugene Gagarinadded postinst script to debian/
2009-02-28 Alexandr Popovadding docstring and minor fixes
2009-02-28 Alexandr Popovfixing conflict after merging
2009-02-28 Walldisabled 'line too long' pylint warning
2009-02-28 Wallfixed some pylint warnings
2009-02-28 Alexandr PopovAdding Exeptions in try..exept - fixind error in previo...
2009-02-28 Alexandr PopovAdding Exeptions in try..exept
2009-02-28 Alexandr PopovAdding my real name and email
2009-02-28 Eugene Gagarinadded focus change to startpath gtk.Entry after search...
2009-02-28 Eugene Gagarinstartpath by platform
2009-02-27 Alexandr Popovfixing errors finding by pychecker
2009-02-27 Alexandr PopovAdding Exeptions in try..exept - fixind error in previo...
2009-02-27 Alexandr PopovAdding Exeptions in try..exept
2009-02-27 Alexandr PopovAdding my real name and email
2009-02-26 Walldebian/rules: small improvements
2009-02-26 Wallmade /home default start path
2009-02-26 Wallsmall fixes of code style
2009-02-26 Walladded Wall's credentials to AUTHORS
2009-02-26 Wallupdated required python version in README
2009-02-26 Walladded dependency to python
2009-02-26 Wallupdated debian/changelog
2009-02-26 Alexandr Popovfixing problem with start button
2009-02-26 Alexandr Popovfixing Depends in debian/control
2009-02-25 Eugene Gagarinremoved 'platform' from
2009-02-25 Eugene Gagarinfile properties dialog by treeview double click
2009-02-25 Eugene Gagarinmoved 'share/' from to .cfg
2009-02-25 Eugene Gagarinfile properties dialog by treeview double click
2009-02-25 Eugene Gagarinfixed paths & project information in
2009-02-25 Eugene Gagarinfixed dependencies in debian/control & paths in debian...
2009-02-25 Eugene Gagarinsome structuring
2009-02-25 Eugene Gagarinremoved unnecessary 'winType'
2009-02-24 Alexandr Popovfixing license in debian/copyright
2009-02-24 Alexandr Popovcleaning debian/rules from odds of configure-clean...
2009-02-24 U-HOME1\Eugenecurrent processed file gtk.Label packed into gtk.Frame
2009-02-24 Eugene Gagarinadded maemo-specific entries into control file
2009-02-24 Eugene Gagarinremoved unused dh_* scripts from debian/rules
2009-02-24 Eugene Gagarinmoved commands from binary-arch to binary-indep target...
2009-02-24 Eugene Gagarincleaned build-stamp target in debian/rules
2009-02-24 Eugene Gagarinremoved configure target from debian/rules
2009-02-24 Eugene Gagarinchanged icons paths in
2009-02-24 Eugene Gagarinchanged locale paths in
2009-02-24 Eugene Gagarinhildon.Window looks ugly ob tablet, changed back to...
2009-02-24 Eugene Gagarinchanged locale path to /usr/share/locale in
2009-02-23 Alexandr Popovfixing some problems in package scripts and add info...
2009-02-22 Alexandr Popovadding debian/compat
2009-02-22 Alexandr Popovchanging git directory tree
2009-02-22 Alexandr Popovadd directory with source files and del broken package
2009-02-21 Alexandr PopovAdd package and original files fir package
2009-02-20 Eugene GagarinProperties dialog cleaning & gtk|hildon windows
2009-02-17 Eugene GagarinAdded properties dialog
2009-02-16 U-HOME1\Eugeneminor changes
2009-02-16 U-HOME1\Eugeneminor changes
2009-02-16 U-S092\gagarinfirst commit
2009-02-13 www-datawelcome