Making sure we always have the pyc for supposedly faster startup
[gc-dialer] / TODO
2009-02-21 epageUpdating todo file
2009-02-21 epageDon't see theme issues, think it was just that theme
2009-02-06 epageMinor cleanups
2008-10-02 epageClearing out the old version to bring in the new
2008-10-02 epageFirst step towards integrating changes
2008-09-01 epageSome minor tweaks
2008-07-19 epageMinor code and makefile cleanups
2008-07-12 epageAdding a makefile
2008-07-08 epage * Trying to make some areas clearer to myself through...
2008-07-07 epageAdded some more notes on the TODOs
2008-07-05 epageLooking a bit more at my TODOs
2008-07-04 epageMaking some notes about TODOs
2008-07-04 epage * Added a close button on the login dialog
2008-07-01 epage * Some cleanup
2008-06-29 epage * Gathered some notes on potential features to add
2008-06-29 epageFixed some issues when running build_script