Bump to 1.3.11-2
[gc-dialer] / dialcentral /
2011-09-16 Ed PageBump to 1.3.11-2 master
2011-09-14 Ed PageBumping to 1.3.11 for PySide testing
2011-09-11 Ed PageForgot to provide defaults to both versions of this...
2011-09-11 Ed PagePySide Workaround: no default parameter specified
2011-09-11 Ed PagePySide Workaround: connected to wrong signal type
2011-09-05 Ed PageBump to 1.3.10
2011-09-05 Ed PageRounding out some holes where I showed ugly numbers
2011-09-05 Ed PageFixing not being able to send a broadcast from the...
2011-09-05 Ed PageAdding some consistency and fixing some bugs
2011-09-01 Ed PageFixing background alarms as well as bumping to 1.3.9
2011-09-01 Ed PageBump to 1.3.8
2011-09-01 Ed PageProtecting against unsupported date formats
2011-08-28 Ed PageFixing the alarm handler as a tool
2011-08-16 Ed PageBumping to 1.3.7-3 to remove code that doesn't work...
2011-08-15 Ed PageBump for 1.3.7-2
2011-08-15 Ed PageSwitching back to PyQt
2011-08-15 Ed PageBump to 1.3.7-1
2011-08-15 Ed PageUsed too new of a python feature
2011-08-14 Ed PageBump to 1.3.7-0
2011-08-14 Ed PagePySide is handling signal connecting a bit differently
2011-08-14 Ed PageBump to 1.3.6-3
2011-08-14 Ed PageHarmattan-only bump
2011-08-14 Ed PageAdding XDG support
2011-08-14 Ed Pagejson, icon, and misc fixes and improvements made to...
2011-08-10 Ed PageFirst attempt at distutils support now that the locatio...
2011-08-10 Ed PageBROKEN: Moved everything