Backend support for partial history update
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2011-04-19 Ed PageBackend support for partial history update
2011-04-19 Ed PageAdding voicemail support to the session and making...
2011-04-19 Ed PageMaking it possible to do partial message refreshes
2011-04-19 Ed PageSorting of messages
2011-04-19 Ed PageSwitching from contact oriented to account oriented
2011-04-19 Ed PageTunneling account data out to the session to allow...
2011-02-19 Ed PageEscaping messages so as to not be mistaken for HTML
2010-10-06 Ed PageImplementing caches for a session
2010-09-18 Ed PageRemoving contact caching from backend, moving it to...
2010-08-19 Ed PageCreating a hollow shell of a UI
2010-02-16 Ed PageAdding support for broadcast-sms to the code-base
2010-02-14 Ed PageMerging in TOR changes
2010-01-09 epageA case was made for keeping in the unknown phone types
2010-01-09 epageUpdating the comment on why we filter those numbers out
2010-01-09 epageFiltering out lack of phonetype instead of setting...
2010-01-07 epageBumping to -5 to try and fix an issue with a missing...
2009-12-29 epageSpeeding up contacts and bringing in line the The One...
2009-12-24 epageFixed some indentation
2009-12-13 epageFixing making of calls
2009-12-12 epageAttempting to improve the gv api
2009-12-01 epage1.0.8-6 Fixing a bug preventing christexaport from...
2009-11-12 epageSome cleanup