Adding the ignore file
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2010-02-14 Ed PageImport of contacts is implemented, just no refreshing...
2010-02-14 Ed PageMore things carried over from TOR and adding support...
2010-01-03 epageAdding filtering of history
2010-01-03 epageBump to 1.0.10-3; more stuff to try and work around...
2009-12-29 epageFixing a weird issue
2009-12-29 epageFixing bug where the sms entry stuff would scroll off...
2009-12-29 epageChanging recent to history
2009-10-21 epageMessage type selection stuff
2009-10-17 epageStarting work on collapsing messages (it'll be annoying...
2009-10-14 epageSwitching how the SMS Entry dialog scrolls
2009-10-14 epageMarking Dial insensitive when text is entered, dropping...
2009-10-10 epageGiving access to all of a contacts numbers from recent...
2009-10-09 epageRemoving the select button, marking the phone selection...
2009-10-09 epageConsolidating some dialogs
2009-09-25 epageMore touch selector fun (Callback number)
2009-09-23 epageRemoved rotation support and added paste accelerator...
2009-09-23 epageFurther improvements to the message dialogs
2009-09-23 epageSwitching to a touch selector for the addressbook selector
2009-09-20 epageVastly simplified menus in prep for fremantlizing them
2009-09-20 epageLots of fremantle works
2009-09-19 epageConsistency fix
2009-09-16 epageMostly improvements to packaging
2009-08-29 epageFinishing up the hildonization of the number editor
2009-08-20 epageMaking all scrollbars thumb scrollable
2009-08-16 epageFixing a lot of random bugs
2009-08-15 epageMost of the way there on notification support; can...
2009-08-14 epageSlight re-arrangement to the accounts tab
2009-08-12 epageBack/Clear button now provides visual indicators when...
2009-08-12 epageRemoving some code thatll hopefully increase stability
2009-05-30 epageAdding an sms button to the dialpad
2009-05-26 epageBreaking out some logic and fixing some icons
2009-05-25 epageAdded messages
2009-05-23 epageMore tiny improvements
2009-05-23 epagePutting the sms message into a scroll window
2009-05-23 epageFixing duplicate items in glade file, hildonization...
2009-05-23 epageFixing a GTK warning
2009-05-22 epagemerging branch
2009-05-21 epageAdding rule hints to TreeView's and scrolledwindows
2009-05-20 epageFirst step towards displaying of voicemail message
2009-05-19 epagePhone selector is now using a standard cancel button
2009-05-19 epageStill some issues, but the start of SMS support
2009-05-18 epage* Starting a messages view
2009-05-18 epageCleanup, glade fixes, and tab reordering
2009-05-18 epage* Changed the file headers to doc strings
2009-04-29 epageImproving the error display
2009-03-27 epageMaking title generic for sharing the code related to...
2009-03-26 epageMerge gv_support changes r243:251 into the trunk
2009-03-05 epageEh, parens might help
2009-03-05 epageSwitching to login window
2009-03-05 epageFleshed out online/offline modes
2009-02-19 epageFilesystem backed contacts and minor cleanups
2009-02-17 epage* Renamed glade file to reflect project naming