Updating from skeleton
[gc-dialer] / src / dialcentral.py
2011-07-07 Ed PageUpdating from skeleton
2011-04-13 Ed PageLimiting the size of the log
2010-09-11 Ed PageSomehow broke startup
2010-09-11 Ed PageFixed issues with the credentials dialog
2010-08-19 Ed PageCreating a hollow shell of a UI
2010-07-20 Ed PageFixing optification, bumping to 1.1.10
2009-12-08 epageLogging sms/dial; logging device info; added Ctrl+r...
2009-11-12 epageEnable copying of the log
2009-09-28 epageSwitched to module level loggers
2009-09-15 epageFixing a issue that arose with adding of logging, we...
2009-09-14 epageVersion bump and fixing of several bugs
2009-09-14 epageFixed where logging is setup
2009-03-20 epageForgot a file as part of cleanup
2009-03-13 epage* Made the file backend more generic by trying to find...
2008-10-02 epageMinor tweaking
2008-10-02 epagePulling in the latest of brontides manually