Delay load call handler
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2011-04-19 Ed PageDelay load call handler
2011-04-19 Ed PageEnabling support for configuring voicemail check on...
2011-04-19 Ed PageRefactoring where we do heavy lifting for settings
2011-04-19 Ed PageGetting auto-voicemail update working
2011-04-19 Ed PageAdding playback to the front end
2011-04-19 Ed PageApplying various optimizations
2011-04-19 Ed PagePushing account refresh into the UI
2011-04-19 Ed PageAuto-select no alarm system if there is nothing to...
2011-04-19 Ed PageExposing to the user the ability to do partial refreshes
2011-04-13 Ed PageLimiting the size of the log
2011-04-13 Ed PageAdding in application alarm support
2011-04-13 Ed PageDue to crashes, temporarilly dropping missed call detection
2011-04-13 Ed PageSwitching from sound to an alert
2011-04-13 Ed Page'Play' sound on new messages
2011-04-13 Ed PageFirst pass at refresh on missed calls
2011-03-31 Ed PageImproving some refresh behavior
2011-03-31 Ed PageFixing some errors seen when account is cleared
2011-03-31 Ed PageMaking account number more visible in presence of errors
2011-02-17 Ed PageFixing some issues in propogating fullscreen/orientatio...
2011-02-10 Ed PageForgot to flush settings so that the alarm notifier...
2011-02-03 Ed PageFixing various bugs with clearing account info
2011-01-29 Ed PageFixing import
2011-01-25 Ed PageAnother attempt at removing the visual glitches
2011-01-13 Ed PageBump to 1.2.18
2011-01-13 Ed PageImproving error handling
2011-01-13 Ed PagePorting the main window to the qwappers
2011-01-13 Ed PagePorting the application object to the qwrappers
2011-01-12 Ed PageAdding rotation to the SMS window
2011-01-11 Ed PageFixing an orientation bug
2011-01-11 Ed PageAdjusting screen orientation code
2011-01-06 Ed PageTurn off notifications on refresh
2011-01-06 Ed PageSwitching away from being lazy so that we evaluate...
2011-01-05 Ed PageFixing modality and adding a cancel button to the about...
2011-01-04 Ed PageFixing a settings load bug
2011-01-04 Ed PageAdjusting icon sizes
2011-01-04 Ed PageFixing a settings bug
2011-01-04 Ed PageFixing an alarm handler bug
2011-01-03 Ed PageAdding notification support back in and fixing a dialog bug
2011-01-02 Ed PageFixing fullscreen
2011-01-01 Ed PageApplying changes from template
2010-12-14 Ed PagePopup the account dialog when no callback number is...
2010-12-13 Ed PageProviding messages with asserts so if they are hit...
2010-12-08 Ed PageAdding progress notification
2010-12-08 Ed PageAdding an About dialog for copyright reasons, fixing...
2010-12-01 Ed PageAdding icons to the dialpad
2010-11-25 Ed PageAdding callback number support
2010-11-24 Ed PageRemoving more errors on various forms of closing
2010-11-24 Ed PageFix error on close
2010-11-24 Ed PageReducing extra borders inside a tab
2010-11-24 Ed PageReducing border on the outside
2010-11-03 Ed PageAdding letter headers to contacts and updating todos
2010-11-02 Ed PageTaking advantage of icons
2010-10-23 Ed PageResults of testing on Maemo 5
2010-10-22 Ed PageAdding from GTK DC the ability for any tab to look...
2010-10-16 Ed PageDelaying the login so the screen can at least showing...
2010-10-16 Ed PageAdding support to persist the current ab
2010-10-16 Ed PagePersist view settings
2010-10-16 Ed PageAuto-login support
2010-10-16 Ed PageStarting on real settings support
2010-10-16 Ed PageMoving things out to separate files and doing the impor...
2010-10-16 Ed PageAdding account dialog and some startup optimizations
2010-10-16 Ed PageRounding out the contacts implementation
2010-10-06 Ed PageImplementing caches for a session
2010-10-06 Ed PageSetting up the chain for the ui to tell the session...
2010-10-04 Ed PageAdding in support for listing out each recipient, delet...
2010-10-04 Ed PagePopulating of a single target's phone number in SMS...
2010-09-18 Ed PageRemoving contact caching from backend, moving it to...
2010-09-11 Ed PageFixed issues with the credentials dialog
2010-09-11 Ed PageStarting on threading work
2010-09-10 Ed PageSeparating model from view/control for errors, adding...
2010-09-10 Ed PageStarting session integration
2010-09-10 Ed PageImplementing the enable/disables and adding a clear
2010-09-09 Ed PageAdding a filtering UI for messages
2010-09-09 Ed PageFinishing up a rough sketch of the UI including the...
2010-08-25 Ed PageSMS Entry, Dialpad, and skeleton for History, Messages...
2010-08-19 Ed PageCreating a hollow shell of a UI