Adding the ignore file
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2009-11-18 epageMinor thingy
2009-09-28 epageSwitched to module level loggers
2009-09-24 epageBug fixes and adding of user notifications
2009-09-20 epageLots of fremantle works
2009-09-19 epageFixing stacking errors
2009-09-16 epageMostly improvements to packaging
2009-09-03 epageErorDisplay overkill now in effect
2009-09-03 epageAdding logging support
2009-09-03 epageVarious bug fixes and tweaks found through 0, 1, and 2
2009-08-24 epageFixing up doctests
2009-08-16 epageFixing a bug from 1.0.3 where it would never reset...
2009-08-15 epageMost of the way there on notification support; can...
2009-08-14 epageMisc code cleanups
2009-08-12 epageAdding super duper hold stuff to tabs
2009-08-12 epageBack/Clear button now provides visual indicators when...
2009-08-10 epageAdding tab-holding causes refresh and mixing misc bugs
2009-08-02 epageCutting down the thread spawning which should help...
2009-05-23 epageCleaning up modality and what windows is set as parent
2009-05-23 epageThe start of a settings file and removed the timeouts...
2009-05-19 epageStill some issues, but the start of SMS support
2009-05-01 epagePulling in helpers and improvements from other projects
2009-04-16 epageMerging some code in from DoneIt
2009-03-26 epageMerge gv_support changes r243:251 into the trunk
2009-03-05 epageSwitching to login window
2009-03-05 epageFleshed out online/offline modes