Adding the ignore file
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2010-02-16 Ed PageAdding support for broadcast-sms to the code-base
2010-02-14 Ed PageYou can now excede the max char count
2010-02-14 Ed PageMore things carried over from TOR and adding support...
2010-01-03 epageAdding filtering of history
2009-12-30 epageTrying to fix a bug with the linewrap bugfix
2009-12-29 epageFixing bug where the sms entry stuff would scroll off...
2009-12-29 epageFixing an issue where the wrong message was displayed...
2009-12-29 epageChanging recent to history
2009-12-08 epageLogging sms/dial; logging device info; added Ctrl+r...
2009-11-12 epageEnable copying of the log
2009-11-12 epageSome cleanup
2009-11-12 epageSplitting out the merge addressbook
2009-11-12 epageSpeeding up contact filtering and cleaning up the conta...
2009-10-24 epageImproving behavior for when I change things around
2009-10-24 epageHopefully making improvements to my horrible callback...
2009-10-23 epageGetting real unarchive support
2009-10-21 epageMessage type selection stuff
2009-10-20 epageSped up login by delay loading contact list
2009-10-17 epageStarting work on collapsing messages (it'll be annoying...
2009-10-16 epageFixing a bug with choosing when to mark the dial button...
2009-10-14 epageSet fixed height mode to the wrong value at some point
2009-10-14 epageSwitching how the SMS Entry dialog scrolls
2009-10-14 epageMarking Dial insensitive when text is entered, dropping...
2009-10-13 epageFixing an issue with setting the label
2009-10-12 epageFixing a bug with sending SMS
2009-10-10 epageGiving access to all of a contacts numbers from recent...
2009-10-09 epageRemoving the select button, marking the phone selection...
2009-10-09 epagePlaying with explicit fixed height mode in other places
2009-10-09 epageExplicitly mark that we are not using fixed height...
2009-10-09 epageConsolidating some dialogs
2009-10-09 epageRandom tweak, see changelist for details
2009-10-06 epagePutting in a lot of fixes for fremantle
2009-10-06 epageFixing an issue with collapsing messages
2009-10-02 epageHardening against different timings in Google rolling...
2009-10-01 epageFixing some bugs and adding collapsed conversations
2009-10-01 epageUpdating changelog
2009-10-01 epageGetting descriptions within the callback selection...
2009-10-01 epageMaking gv_backend more general and applying some optimi...
2009-10-01 epagePrepping for some fixes and removing dead code
2009-09-28 epageSwitched to module level loggers
2009-09-25 epageRemoving an unneeded header on a tree view
2009-09-25 epageFixing some bugs related to callback
2009-09-25 epageMore touch selector fun (Callback number)
2009-09-24 epageFixing refresh bugs
2009-09-24 epageFixing of several diablo bugs
2009-09-24 epageFixing and documenting various bugs
2009-09-24 epageRemoving GrandCentral from various parts of the code
2009-09-24 epageBug fixes and adding of user notifications
2009-09-24 epageAnother fremantle todo done
2009-09-23 epageRemoved rotation support and added paste accelerator...
2009-09-23 epageFixing misc bugs related to the last change
2009-09-23 epageFurther improvements to the message dialogs
2009-09-23 epageSwitching to a touch selector for the addressbook selector
2009-09-22 epageAccidently left some debug code in
2009-09-22 epageTodos
2009-09-22 epageFor notification time, switching from number editor...
2009-09-22 epageTweaking handling of empty callbacks to give the user...
2009-09-20 epageLots of fremantle works
2009-09-16 epageMostly improvements to packaging
2009-09-03 epageErorDisplay overkill now in effect
2009-09-03 epageAdding logging support
2009-09-03 epageVarious bug fixes and tweaks found through 0, 1, and 2
2009-08-29 epageFinishing up the hildonization of the number editor
2009-08-29 epageMinor hildonization fix
2009-08-29 epageFurther cleanups after removing GrandCentral support
2009-08-29 epageRough removal of GrandCentral support
2009-03-19 epageGetting click to call working and adding GoogleVoice...
2009-03-13 epage* Made the file backend more generic by trying to find...